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The full moon is known for it’s amplified vibrational field and spiritual energies. We can see the powerful effects with our eyes, in the moons magnetic pull of the ocean tides, bringing with it both high and low tides. Just as the oceans tides ebb and flow, peak and recede, this same rhythm can parallel and be felt in our lives -on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. As we are all connected and intertwined within the ethers, and all of nature. Sacred life force flows, permeating all. Shaktipat Initiation is the transmission and descent of Divine Grace, emanating waves of Spiritual energy to its recipients. It can activate Kundalini, enhancing spiritual development as well as heal. Shedding layers of ego, releasing blocks, and bringing profound insights & realizations to all that is. While everyone vibrates at a different frequency, effects will vary for each individual.

Full moon, in combination with sādhana (spiritual practice) is a special time to receive the Grace of Shaktipat, due to the increased energetic frequencies. It is said that Buddha attained enlightenment during the full moon. Kundalini is often heightened and amplified during the full moons luminous energy surge. Making it a time of enhanced purification, cleansing, clearing, shedding, healing and recharging on deep levels. This upcoming Full Moon Shaktipat event is a beautiful time and opportunity to receive Divine grace, to activate Kundalini, enhance the flow for those with already activated kundalini, clear & release blockages, or to deepen ones sādhana.

Please join our virtual ashram (facebook group) here and join the announced facebook event or post which will be listed in announcements. Follow the instructions to add your photo and permission.

The event is finished.


Apr 08 - 09 2020


All Day



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