Kundalini Awakening Online Retreat


This winter we bring back the Virtual experience of a retreat.

Shaktipat transmissions will be given in combination with specific talks on various phenomenon and topics related to the awakening process, and practices from tantra yoga, as well as live Kirtan and chanting circles.

Live sessions will be held through Zoom and you can tune in through your phone app or computer. You will be supported to dive deep into this immersive experience from your own home. In case you require any assistance throughout the process our experienced team will be there to answer your questions, offer support and provide direct pointers during the Q & A section at the end of the live Satsang.


The energetic window of the solstice is special, and so we offer satsang with our Shaktipat Acharyas, talks from various teachers and mentors, live music concerts, and connection to our global community! Shaktipat transmissions will be given to awaken Kundalini energy in combination with teachings on various topics related to the awakening process. We will also be guided through practices from Tantra Yoga, and learn about Trika Tantra Kashmir Shaivism and Siddha Maha Yoga.

With this retreat we want to help clarify the context and mystery of the Kundalini process and enlightenment journey for our fellow spiritual seekers and seers.

This online retreat is aimed at beginners as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners on the spiritual path.


-You want to immerse in your true being and recognize yourself as non dual awareness.

-You want to awaken or accelerate your Kundalini energy to clear trauma and blockages.

-You want to develop your meditation and deepen your current spiritual practice.

-You want to understand the mind and the kundalini transformation process.

-You are unable to abide with a still mind and find it hard to surrender with ease.

-You want to flower into your fullest potential and live in the bliss of being.


-Receive Shaktipat deeksha transmission to awaken and align Kundalini energy from our Acharyas
-Yoga asana practice,
-Guided meditations from the Tantras,
-Guided Yoga nidra,
-3 LIVE Kirtan and chanting circles,
-Ayurveda, diet, nutrition, herbs in the process,
-How to work with triggers and projections, shadow work
-The Four Functions of Mind,
-How to ground , circulate and center,
-Kundalini clearing & Trauma release,
-Transcendence or Psychosis,
-Stages of Awakening.

We offer Shaktipat Transmission and Darshan each day, which will facilitate the Kundalini activation and ascension, clearing of blockages and imprints and attune you to a higher state. For the prepared and ripe adept this means the opportunity to dissolve in nondual Awareness.

The sessions are beneficial for all levels of advancement for beginners as well as advanced seekers.

Please check below for the latest and most updated schedule, timezone conversions (PST, EST, IST & AET) and bio from all participants.

Winter Solstice Online Retreat

If you cannot join any of the live calls, they will be recorded and sent to you as soon as possible so you can practice in your own time. Each recording will be available for 30 days.

After purchasing the ticket to join the event, you will receive emails each of the seven days containing information about the schedule for the day, the link to join the yoga sessions, talks and live Satsangs etc.

Link for the ticket:

Winter Solstice Online Retreat

The event is finished.


Dec 15 - 21 2021


9:00 am - 9:00 pm


Online Live On Zoom
Online Live On Zoom
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