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Awakening of Kundalini energy marks the onset of the spiritual awakening process and it is the aim of all yoga.
Kundalini unfolds the capability to experience expanded states of consciousness, clear emotional, mental as well as physical blockages. It unleashes our evolutionary mechanism and accelerates all biological processes, enabling higher brain function and DNA activation. This process leads to Enlightenment and Self-Realization, establishing the being in non dual bliss awareness.

Kundalini Energy transmission or Shaktipat from an awakened realized being is the most direct and essential element along the yogic and tantric paths. It is called Siddha Maha Yoga or Guru Yoga traditionally. Shaktipat activates as well as navigates Kundalini and also helps in removing the dense blockages which can take ages to clear by themself and require a lot of struggle and effort to integrate. Shaktipat safely and naturally attunes you to Samadhi directly, without the use of effort, techniques or force. It is a yoga of surrender and effortless embodiment.

A salient feature of Shaktipat Siddha Maha Yoga is the release of pranic energy, leading up to inner spontaneous movements, shaking, spasms, twitching as well as involuntary yoga asana. These intricate kriyas, breathwork, spontaneous crying/ laughing and vocalisation in different languages, or very advanced postures and hand movements can arise spontaneously without any previous knowledge or study. The inner release of heavy emotional mental and physical blockages can the take the form of a purging and detox process

The session will last 3 hours and begins with an introduction and continue with meditation and transmission. At the end of the session there will be sharing and the possibility for Q&A.
We devote this time to collectively gather in recognition of our Self as formless, eternal, non dual awareness. It is a commitment to the real Truth of our being, and to reflect and integrate in the conducive loving presence of others in the same process.

Truth is most clearly spoken through silence, however this event will be held in Danish, if there are only Danes in the group, or in English if we have any non-Danes joining.

The session will be held on:
Saturday, September 24 at 16:00 – 19:00

The location for the session is:
Hjerterum, Guldsmedgade 26B, st, 8000 Aarhus

One person: 375 DKK
Two people together: 600 DKK
One person, low income/student/jobless/sick leave: 250 DKK

Another session is scheduled on Saturday September 24 at 16:00 – 19:00 in Hjerterum, Aarhus.
The price for one person in both sessions are 600 DKK.

For booking or other queries please contact us at scandinavia@advaitashram.org
You can copy / paste the email-address.

Peterji is the initiator in the session
Siddha Guru and Shaktipat Acharya of AdvaitAshram

Words about the sessions:
After her first Kundalini Shaktipat session with Peterji, Sanne has among other things, written the following:
“The actual session of about two hours was a pretty wild experience for me. It actually felt like something was grabbing me, shaking me wildly, stretching me out, curling me up and pushing me back and forth. In the most wonderful and redeeming way. In the beginning I had a feeling of ‘coming home’ which was actually touching ….. it was very different experiences. Some had very calm experiences, some sobbed, rolled around etc. A very big recommendation to Shaktipat ”.

The event is finished.


Oct 29 2022


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Hjerterum Aarhus Denmark 8000
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