Kundalini Awakening Shaktipat

In every human being there is a biological mechanism for enlightenment which is also responsible for the evolution of the species towards a higher consciousness. In eastern traditions it is known as Kundalini, a potential force that once awakened can produce a varity of mental, emotional, physical & spiritual effects. It is a concentrated field of intelligence, a cosmic force absolutely vital to life, longevity and sexual drive, it is the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and sciences, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths. Kundalini is the flux of life itself.

Kundalini can awaken through practice (yoga, breathwork etc.), spontaneously, by birth or through Shaktipat. The latter is usually a safe way as the initiator stabilizes your awakening.


It is the transmission of energy from an awakened being to activate the dormant Kundalini of another. Literally it means descent of grace. It is originally a yogic initiation and is well recognized approach for activating the Kundalini leading to an inner unfolding of awareness and higher states of consciousness.

More about shaktipat:-

A three day intensive exploring the science and mystery of Kundalini, its activation & sustenance for realisation of the true self.

All sessions begin with shaktipat meditations & are followed by satsang, question answer sessions or discussions and commentary on related classical vedantic or tantric texts.

The event includes:
~ A guided opening meditation
~Shaktipat Energy Transmission
~ Talk and Q&A on Shaktipat & Kundalini



– These events are ‘opportunities’ for Shaktipat to happen, the chances of a smooth and successful awakening depend upon the accumulated impressions and level of surrender to the energy within, openness of the participants to the process. The 3 days of transmission may not result in an instant awakening but may unfold over a period of months or years, according to your own follow up of practice and raising the serpent.

-Those who have had spontaneous activations or those who are raising and cultivating on their own will greatly benefit as we attune and acclimate to a larger field through this portal. The ultimate experience of nectar and samadhi is attained sooner as shakti irrigates the deeply rooted blocks with awareness, which may be hard to exfoliate in individual practice.

-One should look for subtle and unusual signs of activity in the body, Kriyas. Slight movements, swaying, vibrations, tingling, the fingers beginning to move on their own to form mudras etc. A warmth or heat beginning in the body and in the spine, especially at the base of the spine. A feeling of subtle energy moving or rhythmically pulsing or swaying in and out of the physical body, or any other unusual manifestations.

-When sensations or movements start to occur do not interfere with them unless you wish to halt the session.

-Be prepared to face deeper levels of emotional and mental blocks as the energy brings them to conscious.

-Surrender the limited ego mind and simply witness the cleanisng of subconscious aspects as kriyas and involuntary movements may surface.

-Allow the void of witnessing awareness , choiceless presence, to engulf the being and dissolve the ego patterns.

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KUNDALINI TANTRA ॐ Spiritual Awakening
Aham Brahmasmi

Exchange: 1250INR / DAY (or) 3000INR for 3 DAYS (based on financial capacity & generosity)

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If there is still space, ticket sales also at the door. Bring the exact amount in cash.

The ritual is open to anyone that feels called. No experience required.

– Bring a meditation cushion (we will be sitting mostly)
– Wear something you can sit comfortably in
– Optional: bring an offering for the altar (e.g. flowers, sweets, crystals)
– Optional: It’s best to come with a near to empty stomach to the event

The event is finished.


Oct 18 - 20 2019


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


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1000 Petals
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