Kundalini Awakening Shaktipat


It is a process by which a Liberated spiritual teacher with an already awakened Kundalini acts as a vehicle for the transmission of Grace of the cosmic spiritual Kundalini energy into the spiritual aspirant. This powerful energy activates the “sleeping” Shakti Kundalini energy, which is stored just below the first chakra. This is not the only way that Kundalini can be awakened, but it is powerful, effective, and considered by many to be the most direct and safe method.

It is also, historically, a traditional way. Kundalini Shaktipat transmission is referred to in the Torah’s Old Testament in Deuteronomy 34:9 in the passage, “And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hand upon him.” In Kabbalah, an accurate term for Shaktipat is S’micha m’shefa or Haniha. In the New Testament, Shaktipat Kundalini transmission is referred to in John 20:22, which says that Jesus “blew upon them and said to them: ‘Receive Holy Spirit.” In the Yogic traditions, Shaktipat is a well recognized approach for awakening the Kundalini. It is described in the yogic texts as an initiation that activates an inner unfolding of awareness that leads to higher states of consciousness.


This will be a 7 day intensive course. Kundalini arohan, Cleansing of all 7 chakras during the coming Solstice. The distant transmission will take place 24 x 7 for a week and the final will be given on the day of summer solstice.

There is a small donation involved as a prerequisite since this is a 7 day course , given with an open heart , it will generate an intent from your side to receive with earnestness, and complete the cycle of exchange. If interested you can send according to your means and better judgment or contact me if for some reason you are unable to fulfill this request, there are modes other than the monetary, such as selfless service to others and spreading knowledge.

The donation may be sent to –

After confirming your participation , please visit the event page of the group KUNDALINI INITIATES ۞ॐ۞ Spiritual Ascension .
Follow the event page for further instructions.


Blessings from the divine source field !

The event is finished.


Dec 15 - 21 2017


8:00 am - 11:00 pm


Advait Ashram
Advait Ashram New Delhi India
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