Kundalini Shaktipat Retreat

This is a 7 day retreat penetrating into the heart of samadhi, diving deep in self realization. It is an opportunity to unleash and expand your latent inner potential, through the grace and guidance of the Shaktipat field.

The aim is to immerse the rampant mind in silence, we work towards cultivation of inner stillness from which the self luminous awareness spontaneously flowers forth.

The mind is emptied of all mechanical and mundane activities. All daily duties and responsibilities are taken a break from, and the attention of the participants is directed and focused into self inquiry. We create the necessary environment in which all our limiting beliefs and structures dissolve.

These days are spent in re-evaluation of our internal psycho-spiritual dynamics, beliefs and programmings which subsequently shape and shift our relationship with the external World. What emerges is a transformed being, free from illusions, with a deeper realization of the Self.

We devote this period to collectively gather in recognition of our Self as formless, eternal, non dual awareness. It is a commitment to the real Truth of our being, to reflect and integrate in the conducive loving presence of others in the same process.

We will be Nested in the highly energetic Himalayan Valley, an isolated cottage close to Manali, known for its picturesque views, orchids and forests. The location provides absolute silence to communicate with Nature, and turn inwards.

The accommodation is provided for on sharing basis and separate suites for couples are also available.

During our week’s retreat, we will explore:
Regenerative Yoga & Pranayam
Qi Gong techniques for kindling the inner fire & its flow.
Meditation and reflection for attuning the mystic heart.
Shaktipat sessions.
Satsang and Q&A sessions.
Integration with nature: hikes and treks into the forest and up the peaks, visit to local ancient temples.
Flow of devotional expression : Bhajans, singing, ecstatic dance evenings around a bon fire.
Voluntary service (seva) : preparation of sattvic meals.

For details and confirmation Send an email to vedicvortex@gmail.com and include:
-Full name
-Phone Number
-Room Type
-Dietary Needs
-Other Queries

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Jun 17 - 23 2019


9:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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