A 4 day retreat, penetrating into the heart of Samadhi and diving deep in self realization. This is an opportunity to unleash and expand our latent inner potential, Kundalini, through the grace and guidance of the Shaktipat field.

Open yourself to the grace of guru and awaken the guru within.

The process:
Receiving Deeksha will set forth and clear the path of Kundalini. This process blossoms and reveals the non dual state of awareness, bliss of being, samadhi. We devote this period to collectively gather in recognition of our Self as formless, eternal, non dual awareness. It is a commitment to the real Truth of our being, to reflect and integrate in the conducive loving presence of others in the same process. What emerges is a transformed being, free from illusions, with a deeper realization of the Self.
Kundalini Shaktipat transmissions are given everyday.

Rohan Ji & Vajra Devi

The location:
We will gather an immerse in the field of nondual Awareness in beautiful Kura Waka in the northern Netherlands.

– Shaktipat sessions with Siddha Guru Rohanji & Vajra Devi.
– Satsang & Darshan with Q&A sessions.
-Commentary upon scriptures from Kashmir shaivism, Trika Tantra
– Evening gatherings with cacao, bonfire/music/dance
– Music with Dhyan Kavita

575 Euro/person (teachings and transmission, accomodation and food)
*Low income earners can apply for a 25% scholarships.
*Refer friends and receive 25% discount for each who books upon your recommendation (your name has to be stated upon their bookig)

For booking or other inquries email us at connect@advaitashram.org *Mark your email with NETHERLANDS*

We reserve the right to reschedule or if necessary cancel the event depending on the world situation and travel circumstances.

Who is this for?

-You want to immerse in your true being and recognize yourself as non dual awareness.

-You are looking to awaken and accelerate your Kundalini energy to clear trauma and blockages avoiding unnecesary struggle and pitfalls.

-You want to further develop your meditation and deepen your spiritual practice.

-You want to understand the mind and the Kundalini transformation process.

-You want to be able to abide with a still mind and surrender into your natural state with ease.

-You are longing to flower into your fullest potential and live in the bliss of being.

This work can question and challenge your current beliefs to recognize your own true nature. If you are willing to look into your ego structure with a sharpened discernment, to see the radiating beauty of wisdom shine forth as illusions fall, this is for you. If you are struggling in your Kundalini process, feel stuck in the same loop, and no amount of diverse teachings and modalities have helped, a more dedicated and focused guidance can serve as a laser torch illuminating the path.

Shaktipat is for the seeker who wants to begin this process of self discovery as well as adepts who are spiritually mature to recognize the Truth and who want support with acceleration, alignment and integration.

Welcome to join us!

Aham Brahmasmi
Tat tvam asi

The event is finished.


Jul 03 - 07 2022


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Kura Waka
Kura Waka Roodeschool Netherlands 9983 PG
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