Midsummer Weekend, Satsang & Gathering

Warmly welcome to celebrate midsummer together in beautiful Jordboden!
This celebration will be in the field of Shaktipat and meditations will be held in an atmospheric canvas tent. We spend this time attending deeper in our true essence, where we can reflect and integrate in loving presence with each other. This process blossoms and reveals the non dual state of awareness, bliss of being, samadhi.
Jordboden is a camp site with windbreak, fireplace and outhouse. So we are inviting you to a simple stay in the nature where everyone is responsible to bring their own equipment for camp. Everyone also brings their own food, that we share as a potluck during dinners.
In addition to Shaktipat meditations, there will also be space for Satsangs in front of the bonfire, kirtan and dance.

What is Shaktipat:
Shaktipat can be described as an oscillating system that happens when one is in the presence of a Siddha Yoga Guru. The word Shaktipat means “Descent of Grace” and is a ancient and well known yogic initiating process (Siddha Mahayoga). The process leads to a deeper unfolding of consciousness where the goal is self-realization.
Gyani Grace & Rohan Kapur.

For booking or other queries contact us at scandinavia@advaitashram.org.
Please mark the email with MIDSUMMER in the subject line.
Limited number of seats.
Price: 200kr (to be payed closer to the event).
What to bring:
– Your own tent, food and water.
– Meditation cushion, blanket and yoga-mat.
– Clothes suitable for the current weather.
– Musical instrument, if you wish.
– A gift for the altar (flower, chocolate, fruit, incense).

Covid 19:
Together we monitor the covid restrictions. We may cancel depending on how the restrictions unfolds and depending on weather.
Full refund if canceled.
Aham Brahmasmi
Tat tvam asi

The event is finished.


Jun 25 - 27 2021


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


200 kr

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Gustavsborg 801, SE-284 91 Perstorp, Sverige
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