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KUNDALINI SHAKTIPAT * Stockholm 27 – 29 September, Yogansa

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Shaktipat is transmission of energy from an awakened being to activate the dormant Kundalini of another. Literally it means Descent of Grace. It is an ancient yogic initiation and is a well-recognized approach for activating the Kundalini leading to an inner unfolding of awareness and higher states of consciousness.

Stockholm offer the last intensive in Sweden in the month of September, exploring the mystery of Kundalini, its activation & sustenance for realisation of the true Self.

It is such an honor to have Beloved master Rohanji (India) come to Sweden in September, to share the grace of non dual awareness, alongside Gyani Grace (Swe).


All sessions begin with kirtan (singing and chanting of mantras) followed by meditation and Shaktipat initiation. Kirtan opens our hearts and receptivity for the initiation through the joyous energy of bhakti (devotion).

The Initiation and meditation is followed by Q&A focusing on any topics or questions you may have, which could be: consciousness and the subconscious, the ego mind, emotion & thought patterns, self structure and identity, karma catharsis and cleansing, surrender and dissolution of identity, nonduality, advaita, practices and techniques etc.

Expect an intimate gathering, with a strong energetic base, heart-opening and receiving exactly what’s right for you. The initiation is open to anyone that feels called. No experience required.

Included in the price is a charged rudraksha mala as well as ongoing guidance moving forward post the event.

Stockholm 27-29 September 1200 kr
27/9 18.00-21.00
28/9 18.00-21.00
29/9 18.00-21.00

As we expect these events to fill up, please book in advance by sending an email to:,
write STHLM, in the subject. To click “Coming” on the fb event is not enough and does not qualify as reservation.

Contact us if financial means is an issue, and we can work something out.

– We will be sitting on the floor, so let us know if you require a chair and this will be provided.
– Wear something you can sit comfortably in.
– Bring a water bottle.
– Optional: bring an offering for the altar (e.g. flowers, sweets, crystals, incense).
– Optional: It’s best to come with a near to empty stomach to the event.

Rohan Kapur has facilitated awakening for thousands through Shaktipat transmissions and guided many through his pointers to the absolute. He is the founder of the online ashram/community:

His humble yet brutally honest and eye opening guidance, helps adepts dismantle illusions obscuring true being and realize their true nature as the Self. His pointers are according to the unique standpoint of the entity that seeks but are often references from classic scriptures of Advaita Vedanta, Tantric traditions of Kashmir Shaivism as well as Zen Buddhism although he does himself repeat that

“there is no teaching, no teacher, no student. It all just happens in resonance.”

So where words, teachings and pointers become a limitation, since they are taken to be that which is pointed towards, the stress instead is laid on internalising and recognising the essence, in shared presence, meditation and transmission/resonance of the Shaktipat field.

“Gyani Grace unleashed her potential at light speed after receiving Shaktipat initiation through Rohan. Awakening of Kundalini oriented her towards the non dual teachings of tantras and Advaita Vedanta, which she fully embodied in her very being. There was an intense resonance with the philosophy and recognition of the teachings pointing towards her own true nature. She is well integrated in the void of non dual awareness and established energetically in regards to Kundalini clearings. She is now facilitating awakening for others through Shaktipat transmissions.”


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“Rohanji, the most Beloved and compassionate warrior of awareness I’ve had the honor to honor. He can with no words strike any ego imposed acts down with one sigh. He holds a space of true Love, unconditional Love, that which brings you to tears (and silence) simply by being around. He is witty, smart and quick to humour, but he has no tolerance for ignorance and will with his deeply rooted awareness and non dual state of pure Bliss, be able to penetrate through any darkness and fears still lingering in ones illusionary state of being.”
-Bhavya Rai Parameshwari

“Rohan is a clear direct channel, a conduit, transmitting grace. In addition he’s a beloved mentor and guide, ever knowledgeable, intuitive, yet self-directing.”
-Alle Russo

“Upon first befriending Rohan about a year and a half ago now, I found he is instantly disarming. He is a man of high humor, and has a depth of knowledge and wisdom about him that are far beyond his years.

He could speak and appeal to me and my sense of scientific inquiry. He was able to demystify and make practical and real world applicable much of the ancient teachings and writings. It didn’t matter if it was Christian or Hindu, or Buddhist or Taoist, he could show me, and confirm for me the truth in any scripture or passage and do it in such a way that it became a change in me.”
-Erik Stevenson

“Rohan, in his humble presence burns with the fire of Awareness. With absolute sincerity, earnestness and clarity he sparks this fire in each human he places his palm on. It is indeed a decent of grace ~ a blessing, a very sweet precious present.”
-Roopa Shenoy

“Gyani embodies Grace in each particle of her being and with that touch of grace and ease she guides you effortlessly through any hardship. One simple touch or look can remind you of how simple it can be to…simply be. And all that other stuff, that we do to keep ourselves from true self-love, she silently holds space for in an all-encompassing way.

If one is looking for a Guru with Grace that embodies the Divine Feminine, without titles, entitlements, judgments or fluff, there is no doubt that Gyani will be the perfect reflection for that.”
-Bhavya Rai

“With her gentle touch she meets you where you’re at and lifts you into growth. Her words are clear, articulate and light with detachment. Her radiant smile and calm voice is soothing to the soul. To me, she is living proof that words, culture, ideologies, theories, countries and all such false impressions are irrelevant… as a human whose root is in communion with it’s crown has nothing to do but silently emanate this gyan with grace. Deeply grateful for her loving presence.”
-Roopa Shenoy

“I had the immense joy and a deep heartfelt HOMECOMING, meeting Gyani. I stand in immense reverence for Rohan and Gyani for the field of energy. The experience was as gentle as it could be and the unfolding as potent it can BE.”
-Aaradhna Uppal”

Blessings from the divine source field.
Aham Brahmasmi

The event is finished.


Sep 27 - 30 2019


9:30 pm - 12:30 am


Yogansa Stockholm Sweden 11228
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