2 day intensive Shaktipat & Kirtan – Turku, Finland


Shaktipat is transmission of energy from an awakened being to activate the dormant Kundalini of another. Literally it means Descent of Grace and is an ancient yogic initiation (Siddha Mahayoga) and a well-recognized approach for activating the Kundalini, leading to an inner unfolding of awareness and higher states of consciousness.

A two day intensive is now coming to Finland in January, exploring the mystery of Kundalini, its activation & sustenance for realisation of the true Self.

It is an opportunity to unleash and expand your latent inner potential, Kundalini, through the grace and guidance of the Shaktipat field.

Open yourself to the grace of guru and awaken the guru within.


Pure MOVE / Martti, Turku, Finland
11-12 January, 17.00-21.00
88 Euro (total, both days)

The evenings begin with kirtan (singing of mantras) followed by meditation and Shaktipat Deeksha. Kirtan opens our hearts and receptivity for the initiation through the joyous energy of bhakti (devotion).

The transmission and meditation is followed by Satsang and Q&A focusing on any topics or questions that come up, which could be: personal practices, the ego mind, emotions, thought patterns, self structure, identity, karma cleansing, surrender, dissolution of identity, consciousness and stages of enlightenment, nonduality and advaita etc.

The initiation is open to anyone that feels called. No experience required.

Please book by sending an email to: vedicvortex.scandinavia@gmail.com

– We will be sitting on the floor, so let us know if you require a chair and this will be provided.
– Wear something you can sit comfortably in.
– Bring a water bottle.
– Optional: bring an offering for the altar (e.g. flowers, chocolate, nuts, sweets, crystals, incense).
– Optional: It’s best to come with a near to empty stomach to the event.

Gyani realized her potential at light speed after receiving Shaktipat initiation through Rohan Kapur, after preparing through a yogic path since childhood. Awakening of Kundalini oriented her towards the non dual teachings of tantras and Advaita Vedanta, which she fully embodied in her very being. There was an intense resonance with the philosophy and recognition of the teachings pointing towards, and describing, her own true nature.

She is well integrated in the void of non dual awareness, the self-realized state, and established energetically in regards to Kundalini clearings. She is also well versed in the functionings of the mind, thoughts, ego, identity constructs and inspire realizations through directing adepts within this ocean of logic, illusion and Being.

Gyani is facilitating awakening for others through Shaktipat Deeksha in Sweden and Scandinavia, India and online and through personal mentorship.

The event is finished.


Jan 11 - 12 2020


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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