Summer Ashram Sweden

Dear heart, we are welcoming you to be a part of our Summer Ashram.

The Summer Ashram will be located in the midst of the forest in an old wooden house just outside Växjö, Sweden. This place will be a simple yet profound base for all to retreat deep within, and you are welcome to stay as long or short as you wish during these six weeks of gathering.

The stay here will be a sweet combination of a “summer hangout” and a serious opportunity to collectively gather in support of the Kundalini process, in recognition of our Self as formless, eternal, non dual awareness. It is a commitment to the real Truth of our being, to reflect and integrate in the conducive loving presence of adepts as well as initiates in the process. What emerges is a transformed being, free from illusions, with a deeper realization of the Self.

Shaktipat sessions will be held in a bell tent yoga shala, and evenings may be spent in the magic of a bonfire or playfully flow in the spirit of co-creation.

Extra events for singing and dancing will take form during the weekends. For more info and booking, see the specific fb events for those weekends.

24-25 July
Trika Festival – a festival that is bridging the gap between the three in the form of Tantra Yoga Meditations, Music & Vibrations, Art & Expressions.

More is to come.

During this gathering we are blessed with having Siddha Gurus Rohan Ji & Gyani Ji present.

The location:
The house provides beds for up to 10 body-minds in shared rooms. In the lush garden a canvas tent provides sleeping spots for six people and there is also opportunity to camp with your own tent and equipment.

There is a simple kitchen with a gas-stove, fire-stove, work-bench and a larder. That’s it!
We will now use our capacity to be creative with no fridge, no dishwasher, self-sufficient but limited electricity and only cold clear forest water. Isn’t that lovely?!

There is a small bathroom with a “mulltoa”, an outhouse and a cold water shower.
The nature around provides optimum energy for deep transformation to take place. The nearby lake for cleansing and rejuvenating swims. Forest trails offer natural grounding for the yogis.

Food will be vegetarian. Gluten- and lactose free options, if needed.

All participants will be responsible to bring and wash their own set of cutlery, plate and mug (washing equipment will be provided).
All participants support food preparations.
All participants support keeping the place nice and clean.
Washing equipment to hand-wash clothes will be provided.

Accommodation and price:
Price includes food, shaktipat, satsang and stay:

432kr per person/day dormitory
369kr per person/day canvas tent
369kr per person/day camping
321kr per person/day for day-stay
300kr per person/day for day-stay exclusive breakfast.
All spots are limited.

10% discount on the total amount, if you stay longer than 7 days.
If you arrive/depart in the middle of the day it’s half price for that day.

Children stay for free as long as they can sleep together with a parent, or on a mattress that you can bring with you.

Lets make some examples:
– Shared room weekend (friday noon – sunday noon) = 864kr
– Shared room for 1 week = 3.024kr
– Shared room for 2 weeks = 5.443kr
– Tent weekend (friday noon – sunday noon) = 738kr
– Tent 3 weeks = 6.074kr

What to bring:
– Clothes suitable for the current weather.
– Your own set of cutlery, plate and mug.
– Sheets and towels (if you stay in the house).
– Sleeping pad and bag (if you camp in canvas tent).
– Tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag (if you camp).
– Meditation cushion, blanket, yoga mat.
– Musical instrument, if you wish.
– Powerbank (can be useful due to limited electricity).
– A gift for the altar (flowers, chocolate, incense).

If you want to book your place, please answer the questions below, mark the email with SUMMER ASHRAM in the subject line, and send them to us at

– What dates do you wish to book?
– Do you wish to stay in a shared room in the house, camping in the canvas tent or camping with your own equipment?
– If the accommodation you wish for is fully booked, can you accept the other?
– How will you most likely arrive, and do you need a pickup from the train/bus station?
– Please also write down your address, email and phone-number!

Aham Brahmasmi
Tat tvam asi

The event is finished.


Jul 19 2021


1:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Växjö Centrum
Växjö Centrum Växjö Sweden 352 31
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