YOGA RETREAT, / Greece, Dimitsana, Arcadia
1-4 October
Awakening of Kundalini through Shaktipat Deeksha Initiation is at the heart of Siddha Yoga. Shaktipat is a holistic yogic system for awakening and guiding the Kundalini energy to rise.
The attunement sets a chain reaction in flowering of consciousness. It clears blocks which limit our emotional, mental and energetic perception. This dissolves conditioning of the body-mind through spontaneous inner Yoga, leading to Enlightenment and Self-Realization. It is an ancient Vedic, as well as Tantric, science, which entails transfer or flow of energy to set ablaze, as well as give direction to, Kundalini. A Siddha (one who has accomplished and completed the path of kundalini within themselves) acts as a channel for the transmission of the cosmic spiritual energy into the aspirant, initiating their own inherent flow of Kundalini. Through the guru’s grace kundalini can awaken and ascend through sushumna nadi to illumine the silent areas of the brain. It is only after the ascent of Kundalini and its path completion that spontaneous meditation happens and not before it. The pranic level is increased by the Shaktipat transmission, the conscious mind withdraws and becomes silent, mudras asanas and bandhas start occur spontaneously. The hands, feet, eyes, arms and legs move slowly into definite positions like those of Indian dancers as kundalini transformation unfolds. Through this deep esoteric process you invoke specific qualities of Shakti or Devi and become overwhelmed by that power, immersed in bliss and awe. This process blossoms and reveals the non dual state of awareness, bliss of being, samadhi. Kundalini Shakti is depicted as a goddess. The various aspects of Shakti indicate different stages in the evolution of energy and consciousness. Bliss is absolute relaxation; Bliss of Being your non-dual formless essence. Kundalini awakening through the grace of Shaktipat Deeksha is the doorway to samadhi, to Self-Realization. When the consciousness is connected to all the senses, the receptivity is less. When the relaxation is complete, the receptivity is the greatest. Shaktipat transmission and Satsang, bhuta shuddhi, hara-womb clearing by the river in combination with nidra and hatha yoga practices and live kirtan during this retreat, will relax you deeply, overcoming mental resistance. Purification, alignement and calmness will enable you to enter deeper states of meditation and spiritual realization, to receive intuitions and expand the conscious mind through the unconscious. They will enable you to express your inspirations in the most creative manner and unleash your deepest potential. Your true nature is perfect wholeness and can be recognized. Even a glimpse of It, enables one to live a meaningful and peaceful life in any environment. This is the opening of the ‘third eye’, and the flowering of consciousness which takes one beyond the conditioned personality with its tensions and complexes. No longer emotionally identified with the mind and body, one’s entire existence blossoms. The individual ego merges in the pervasive, universal pure I, just as the space in a broken jar merges with the space around it and only the Consciousness of Oneness prevails.

Process and Content:
(Participants from abroad are welcome to arrive on Thursday in Dimitsana spend one night more and enjoy their breakfast on Friday morning: 8:30 – 10.30 at Baroutomilos hotel or guest-house in Dimitsana)
For all participants:
Friday: we meet at 14.00 at the hotel’s reception.
Grounding meditation in nature, at St John’s chapel, near the Open-Air Water Power Museum, in Dimitsana. We enjoy a vegetarian traditional meal under the trees
16.30 free time
19.00-22.00 Welcoming ceremony with live music and kirtan with our beloved musicians, Kundalini Shaktipat Satsang
Saturday: 8.00-9.30 /Hatha flow practices in nature
9.30-10.30 Breakfast at the hotel
11.00 Hiking at Menalon trail with Dimitri Bardaki. Kundalini Shaktipat and sharing. The Menalon Trail is a long mountain trail in Arcadia, in the center of Peloponnese, that unfolds through the Lousios River Gorge, the western slopes of Mt. Menalo, the Valley of Mylaon River and the Northeast Gortynian Mountains. We will take a certain path.
15.30-19:00 free time, dinner at a restaurant of your choice.
19.00:-22:ΟΟ: Bhuta Shuddi-Chakra Dhyana and Nidra Yoga
Sunday: 8:00-9.30 Hatha flow practice in nature
9.30-10.30 Breakfast at the hotel
11.00 Visiting Ancient Gortyna by cars, mindfulness meditation and Kundalini Shaktipat by the river Lousios
Shakti’s Flow-Womb Clearing through the natural flow and sound of Lousios River
Swimming in the river -according to the weather – singing and relaxation
16.00 free time, dinner at a restaurant of your choice
19.00-22.00 Kundalini Satsang, Nidra Yoga and Live Kirtan with our beloved musicians
Monday: 8:00-9.30 Morning Hatha flow practices in nature
9.30-10.30 Breakfast at the hotel
Departure from the hotel at 11.30am

The location:
Among the steep slopes of Mt. Mainalo in the Peloponnese nestles the mountain village of Dimitsana. Dimitsana is built like an amphitheatre overlooking Lousios River, Lousios valley and the plains of Megalopoli. The village is nicely surrounded by green mountain tops and lush pine tree forests. Some of its most famous sights are the six remaining legendary Gunpowder Mills that used to produce gunpowder for the Revolutionary War, the Philosophou and Timiou Prodromou Monasteries; the archaeological site of Gortyna and the houses of heroes of the Greek Revolution. Today thanks to its proximity to Athens (2 1/2hours) and its striking beauty, Dimitsana is one of the most popular all year round destinations in Greece along with the nearby Stemnitsa and Vytina, in the heart of Arcadia. The nature around provides optimum energy for deep transformation to take place. The flowing crystal waters of Lousios River are cleansing and rejuvenating. Forest paths offering the best grounding for the participants.
You will need to bring with you: mask, a towel, yoga mat, a personal blanket and a small pillow, comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.

Shaktipat Initiator Yaariji
Αenaon: Renee and Eva Bardaki
Mountain Leader at Mainalon trail paths: Dimitris Bardakis
Our beloved musicians: Νικόλας Γιακουμής and Wieruszka Kidzeski

Participants from abroad are welcome to arrive on Thursday, Price per person 400 euro, 5days-4nights, They have to contact Yaari first. They will reach on their own Tripoli station by bus. We will pick them up from Tripoli.
The price is inclusive of breakfast, one vegeterian meal, accommodation-will be on shared basis, (two in each room, at the hotel (or guest-house) all practices and teachings, Shaktipat Τransmission, hiking, visiting ancient Gortyna, live music and kirtan). Your transportation from Athens to Tripoli or from Athens to Dimitsana is not included at the price. Contact: and Yaari Prema, for further queries. We can send you an invoice at the end of September. Mark the email with Dimitsana-Yoga Retreat in the subject line, and remember to write your address and phone-number for the invoice.
There are limited spots Booking: until 23/9
Note: The above schedule may alter according to the needs of the group and the weather at that time.

Covid 19
We will monitor the covid-19 recommendations and guidelines and do our part to contribute to a safe and healthy development. If you are sick, stay at home. If we conclude the retreat cannot happen, depending on the development in Greece, we may also choose to cancel, up to one week before the event. If we cancel, you will have full refund.
Aham Brahmasmi
Tat tvam asi

The event is finished.


Oct 01 - 04 2021


8:00 am - 11:00 am






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