To A Mind that is still the whole Universe surrenders

This is an online course which guides the mind to identify its own misconceptions, it guides you to systemicially spot attachments and false identifiation and then further clear these patterns and imprints which are the cause of mental blockages and emotional patterns one tends to stay stuck in.

What Is This About?

When we realise our true nature, a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment emerges from within. To recognize that you are Everything, complete and free, lacking nothing, is the aim of this course.

You are non dual Awareness, boundless & formless presence, and instead of feeling this as your innate inner peace, instead of being the unconditional love and blissful joy, you tend to falsely identify yourself as a body with a mind, a thinker, a knower, a doer… but you are so much more than just that!!

As simple as it sounds, this true nature of enlightened or illuminated mind is hidden beneath several layers of false identifications and attachments. These tendencies of the mind are what cause suffering and keep us trapped in the same old loop of illusion.

Join the course, to understand the mental mechanism, investigate into your own true nature with pointers designed to take you deeper and beyond all limitations. This course provides practical ways to dissolve the illusion and limitation so one can directly experience their true nature as loving awareness.

 Is this for YOU?

Perhaps you have felt a profound inner stillness in meditation, or moments of complete presence in nature, only to be swept away again by the whirlwind of feelings and thoughts. Emotions & Thoughts resurface and bind you again to the mistaken identification of a limited self.

This course is conveying insight into the human tendency of suffering, conditional happiness, mind’s patterns and thought construct and most importantly how psychological tendencies limit one to a notion of being separate individual disconnected from the world, which we mistake for real.

This could be for you if:

  • Your mind is rarely still, overstressed and overthinks all the time
  • You find that your thoughts disturb your meditation and you are never at peace
  • You find it hard to surrender into silent witnessing
  • You analyse the past and get anxious of the future, unable to stay present
  • External circumstances dictate your happiness
  • You want to understand the making of ego (Iness), its projections and patterns, its defense mechanism
  • You want to be able let go the ego mind with ease
  • You want to know your true nature, causeless happiness and inner peace

Curriculum Outline

MODULE 1: Ignorance the cause of suffering

We look into suffering (which can be misery and pain but also the very subtle longing for more inner peace and joy) and conditioned happiness being the experience of lack of wholeness and learns how the mind turns our natural bliss into misery, or limited joy, by its own projection as a limited self.


  • What is ignorance?
  • What is suffering and conditional happiness?
  • What is veiling the intimate experience of our true nature and why?
  • What is ego?
MODULE 2: Perpetuating habitual patterns

Through studying the Kleshas of the Yoga Sutras we see how these psychological tendencies filter the present experience with the colour of our personal karmic imprints. Through understanding the Kleshas and their interrelational patterns we can begin to become more aware of our patterns of reassuring identity to the false self through the constant thought stream.


  • About the 5 Kleshas and how they work together
  • How the Iness (ego) is formed
  • How and why we tend to avoid to see the truth of our being, and of the present moment experience
  • How we repeatedly create more un-ease for ourselves
  • How the cyclic nature of upholding and recreating an identity as a limited self functions
MODULE 3: See the false nature of Iness through self-reflection

In this module we study the Yamas and Niyamas and cultivate self-reflection as a way to understand the veil of ignorance, to come closer to observing and witnessing our experiences and thoughts.

Yamas are about restraining behaviours that are motivated by grasping, aversion, and delusion (three of the Kleshas, tendencies that create the veil of ignorance).

Niyamas are aspects to observe that are helping us to gain greater understanding of the mind patterns and understand the falsity of the thought-defined self.


  • About the Yamas and Niyamas
  • 8 tricks to let go thoughts
  • Useful attitudes
  • How to step into an observing awareness and greater trust
MODULE 4: The Power of love

Looking into triggered reaction, we see egos getting hurt, stories of victimhood or wrongdoing on repeat, not feeling loved or appreciated, heard or seen enough. We see why challenging situations are attracted to you and how to use the internal power of Love to clear and release the trapped energy of previous trauma or withheld emotions, AND provide you with the opportunity for self-realization.


  • How many triggers in everyday life stem from not being loved enough.
  • Two approaches to emotional reaction
  • The importance of Self-love
  • How to use Love to thin the coloring of Kleshas and decrease the effect from your karmic conditioning.
MODULE 5: See the false through waking, dream & sleep

The Mandukya Upanishads gives us another approach to unveiling the false and see how illusory our understanding of our self is.


  • How what we take for real is not, through the debunking of basic definitions of why something should be real.
  • The inquiry of AUM
  • The inquiry of Self
  • How the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep is all in the forth called Turya and you are That.

Yoga Sutra 1.2

Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha

Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind.