Live Shaktipat Satsang 

Kundalini Awakening Transmission & Meditation   

Kundalini is the Secret

Awakening of Kundalini energy marks the onset of the spiritual awakening process.

Kundalini is what unfolds ones capability to experience expanded states of consciousness, clear psychological & physiological blockages. It unleashes evolutionary mechanism and accelerates all biological processes, enabling higher brain function.

This process leads to Enlightenment and Self-Realization, establishing the being in non dual bliss awareness, Truth.


Transfer and direction of Kundalini Shakti through distance. 

Shaktipat is the END of Seeking

-Shaktipat is a holistic system for awakening and guiding the Kundalini energy to rise.

-The attunement sets a chain reaction in flowering of consciousness.

-It clears blocks which limit our emotional, mental and energetic perception.

-This dissolves conditioning of the bodymind through spontaneous inner Yoga.

-The result is Enlightenment and Self-Realization.



No vigorous practice or forceful techniques required. No study or routines or prior conceptual knowledge. All one has to do is sit & surrender. Simply letting go in meditation.



Automatic spontaneous yoga unfolds by itself. Asana, pranayam, kriyas & mudras manifest according to the unique constitution of the individual. A natural detox & Karmic clearing process is initiated. 


Kundalini gets activated through sympathetic resonance between the adept & initiate. Immersion in the field of presence helps one to get established in their natural state of non dual Awareness, Samadhi.


Testimony of Transformation

Do not take our word for it. See what others have to say about their blossoming experience.

Erik Stevenson

He could speak and appeal to me and my sense of scientific inquiry. He was able to demystify and make practical and real world applicable much of the ancient teachings and writings. It didn’t matter if it was Christian or Hindu, or Buddhist or Taoist, he could show me, and confirm for me the truth in any scripture or passage and do it in such a way that it became a change in me.

Aaradhna Uppal

The very very subtle layers of the limited ego mind started showing up in life after the bliss felt at the retreat in Raison. I was shocked at the resistance I still had to accept certain aspects of me. Slowly, as another transmission happened on the full moon, I’ve finally started getting a GLIMPSE of the true essence of love. I’ve felt that essence being my essence as well for moments. 

Claire Wooding

My heart just exploded energy rushes up n down my spine out top of my head crown lit up. Im home! My heart just knows the truth and i spoke with god/source, “ i never left you my child” what on earth just happened. Tears and shaking and laughing i saw angel wings and a man in my vision.

Roopa Shenoy

During the first shaktipat session, I witnessed intensified stillness in the body, deafening silence in the mind, darkness- a void… my familiar friend i retreated into (though with lesser intensity). When Rohan placed his palm gently on my head, through this still, silent, dark void, I witnessed a beam of awareness penetrate my crown like a thunderbolt, strike through the heart, bounce off the base and rise back up enlivening the deathly void. As per Vedic texts, I can say I was struck by the vajra.

Nour Zeibak


It’s only 10 months since i found this online ashram and started participating in the shaktipat events. one on one sessions, 7 day intensive transmissions and zoom meetings. I feel alive!

I see clearly, I can express myself without effort, I am confident, present, and mind is silent. I feel so natural, I literally feel home everywhere, I love and feel loved. I am love.

Many blocks and missconceptions have been cleared, Kundalini circuit flows up and down like a river without resistance, I enter shoonya, sometimes i merge with reality around me, I become everyone and everything.

This aliveness in the body, full of life energy!

I am the form of consciousness and bliss, I am the eternal shiva!

Forever grateful

Alle Russo Dean

Through the grace of kundalini I was guided to Rohan. My first remote Shaktipat experience was pure bliss as kundalini rise in orgasmic waves. Resonance strongly felt as we connected through meditation for Shaktipat.

Weekly Group Transmission

Join online gatherings with other kundalini awakened beings across the world, and become part of an Online Shaktipat Sangha

In this virtual group you can receive regular weekly Shaktipat transmissions as well as receive direct guidance.

There will be live meditation through video conference followed by question and answers or commentary upon scriptures. 

The session space will be open for questions on how to handle the Kundalini awakening process as well as pointers towards your true nature and Self Realization.

What is included?

– Shaktipat transmission to awaken as well as guide Kundalini & clear blocks.

– Receive direct guidance & support from one of the Adepts in Satsang.

– Connect with a family of awakened beings and experience the field of shared presence.

Every Wednesday

4 Sessions a Month
90 min LIVE every week

Donation Based Event

Suggested from 30 usd/month

Zoom meeting link and donation link will be sent before the weekly call.


India 9.30 PM
UK 4.00 PM
Greece 6.00 PM
Australia 3.00 AM AEST
Bali & Singapore 12.00 AM
Sweden & Germany 5.00 PM CEST
US & Canada PST 8:00 AM
US & Canada EST 11:00 PM

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Rohan is a Sanskrit word which means “to ascend”.

Rohan was curious growing up exploring every aspect of consciousness, yet experience with psychedelics opened him up to seek out a more permanent state of bliss. Being born in a Hindu family had its advantage as he was led to the traditional system of Siddha Maha Yoga in his mid teens where he was initiated with rapid progression into non-dual awareness.

Awakened at age 16 he realized the true nature of the Self, years shortly after the initial awakening. The teachings of Adi Shankara, Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta were a huge influence to break through the last remnants of illusion.

He stands without the validation of any lineage due to his contemporary approach and a knowing that planetary awakening is imminent and urgent and cannot be claimed by any one tradition. He adopts no systems or structures, yet combines valuable aspects of all. His engineering background provides a more scientific perspective of awakening and he often takes support of Ayurvedic scriptures in his teachings. Rohan has facilitated awakening for thousands through Shaktipat transmissions and guided many through his pointers to the absolute.

His humble yet brutally honest, eye opening and ego crushing guidance, helps adepts dismantle illusions obscuring true being and realize their true nature as the Self. Over the past years he has compiled many in-depth articles, which make up a wealth of information and knowledge from both ancient scriptures and contemporary scientific texts.

Continuously inspired by the biology and physics of the Kundalini process he researches and explores fields of vibrational mechanics as well as the Ayurvedic concepts of life.

In his available approach many turn to him for guidance and with intuitive clarity his pointers are according to the unique standpoint of the entity that seeks. The pointers are often references taken from classic scriptures of Advaita Vedanta, Tantric traditions of Kashmir Shaivism as well as Zen Buddhism although he does himself repeats that

“Teacher, teaching and the taught, all appear and disappear in awareness.”

So where words, teachings and pointers become a limitation, since they are taken to be that which is pointed towards, the stress instead is laid on internalising and recognising the essence, in shared presence, of meditation and transmission/ resonance of the Shaktipat field.

”Stillness or emptiness, is full of vibration. All words try to point towards that, and in doing so also create a separation from that.”




Marie Lindström Kapur built a strong base for the Kundalini to awaken within her through a self reflective nature from childhood. She received her training as an Ashtanga yoga teacher and delved deep in the practice of Mindfulness which came to be beyond mindfulness into the realms of intuitive Self Inquiry. For many years she taught and coached people which strengthened her own practice.

These preliminary techniques paved a way for her to be open and receptive to the influx of Shakti. Years of following a yogic path and laying stress on the very foundations of Yamas and Niyamas and the Wheel of Samsara, and Self Inquiry, the denser part of her Karma got dissolved.

Though the pathways were being cleared, with periodic arousals of Kundalini, the flow of shakti was mostly dormant and Marie unleashed her potential at light speed after receiving Shaktipat initiation through Rohan.

Their meeting instantly triggered her Kundalini into full awakening and there was a merging of her astral body with the cosmos. Deep experiences of samadhi dawned and deeper catharsis and purging took place before she stabilised. 

Awakening of Kundalini oriented her towards the non dual teachings of tantras and Advaita Vedanta, which she fully embodied in her very being. There was an intense resonance with the philosophy and pure recognition of the teachings pointing towards, and confirming, her own true nature. 

Post her abidance in the non dual essence, she came to be known as Gyani, which means ‘one who knows’, ‘knowing’, ‘yogi through knowledge’. Gyani then realised that she had also been receiving many empowerments through invoking the astral form of vajrayogini and then finally was given the name Vajra.

She is well integrated in the void of non dual awareness and established energetically in regards to Kundalini clearings. She now facilitates Shaktipat and is a key element of the Sangha.

Vajra also give transmission through voice and integrates singing of kirtan with Shaktipat, as well as the traditional intiation of touch and sight.




Eleni Grigoraki had her awakening of Kundalini through simply following the teachings of Osho. She decided to take sannyas in 1998 at Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune and serve as a devotee of the whole order and came to be known as Ma Prem Yaari, Prem means Love in sanskrit and Yaari means Friendliness.

Years of dedication to the system put in place by Osho and living by his words provided a great opportunity for her to flower as consciousness and shed many aspects of the ego. She also had training and initiations into shamanic traditions and held many circles assisting others on the path.

Yet what she longed for, what she still sought was a direct touch, a straight pointer, a more close contact to her own freedom which she sensed would be through encounter with an enlightened being.

This is when she came across Rohan and in an instant, she received the deeksha, a direct transmission of grace she had been missing and had had only glimpses of. The shaktipat instantly flowed to her through coming on contact with Rohan and her process of transmutation exploded into a new dimension.

She has ever since dedicated completely to the Kundalini process through the Siddha Shaktipat system and has settled in the non dual awareness which is a result of the completion of the path of Kundalini.

This also paved way for the foundation of the sangha and the Vedic Vortex System. Prema has been part of this Shaktipat Sangha since its beginning, and over the years has had major karmic refinement through kriyas.

She is now well integrated in Advaita Vedanta Awareness and stable in her process diving deep in samadhi. Seeing her growth and dedication, her establishment in the Kundalini Awareness and the nondualism Trika Shaivism of Kashmir, Yaari facilitates Shaktipat and is guiding others through the Shaktipat process.

Kundalini can be transmitted. A person who is very adept at the enlightenment process can transmit it. Whether you feel it or not, it’s affecting you in a very positive way.

Fredrick Lenz