Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions shall apply to all sales through AdvaitAshram.org hereonby referred to as Advait Ashram , and will exclude application of any deviating general or specific conditions or terms of buyer. No waiver or modification of these Conditions of Sale shall be binding upon Advait Ashram , unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of Advait Ashram .

Price and payment

Every product is shown including tax. On the order form you can see the total price including all fees, taxes, shipping and choose method of payment, Credit card through Paypal (with or without Paypal account).

Policies and Disclaimers

You agree to these by using this website, our social media channels, following our advice in any way, or by making any purchase of our products, services, subscriptions, or offerings.

The services and products provided by Advait Ashram should never be used as a substitute for seeking professional medical care or assistance. Therefore, do not use the impressions given to you via a service and product provided by Advait Ashram to replace any advice that has been given to you by a medical professional.

If you are in need of medical, health, psychological or psychiatric care assistance or consultation, then we ask that you to seek out a licensed medical professional for proper consultation and care. The information provided by Advait Ashram is not medical advice and should not be used as a prescription for your medical needs; it is to be used as assistance on your journey of personal growth.

In purchasing/booking a service or product with Advait Ashram, you agree, as with any information you receive from any source, you alone hold the power of decision-making and are totally and completely responsible for making decisions that affect your life and the outcome of your choices.

By purchasing/booking a service or product with Advait Ashram , you agree and verify that you, the client:

  1. have voluntarily decided to participate in the service or product and have requested the service or product on your own free will;
  2. are at least 18 years of age, and have not been declared incompetent;
  3. understand your service or product with Advait Ashram and cannot be used as a substitute for any type of medical, health, psychological, psychiatric, financial or professional counseling, therapy or treatment;
  4. understand that products and services offered by Advait Ashram cannot guarantee a successful outcome and cannot substitute legal, financial or medical advice;
  5. understand and agree that it is your responsibility to decide whether or not you require professional counselling or medical treatment and should you require such services to seek them on your own as needed;
  6. understand that there may be some things in your appointment, session, product or correspondence with Advait Ashram that do not seem to apply right now but could apply at a future date;
  7. by participating in the service or product with Advait Ashram, you are accepting complete responsibility for your own medical, health, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and bodily well-being;
  8. do on behalf of yourself, your assigns, heirs, executors, guardians, and all other legal representatives, hereby release, discharge, waive, and forever relinquish Advait Ashram , including their employees, employers, and any other person associated with Advait Ashram , from any and all known or unknown claims resulting from, arising out of or in any way connected with information you may or may not receive during your voluntary participation in a service or product offered by Advait Ashram . You further agree that under no circumstance(s) will you, or any other person associated with you as a result of your session or consult attempt to present any claims against, prosecute, sue, seek to attach any lien for any purpose including satisfaction of a judgment or other judicial decree, to the property of Advait Ashram, and you hereby waive all claims, demands, compensation, and all actions that you, anyone associated with you or any other participant in the session or consult currently or hereafter may have for any injuries or perceived injuries or perceived or real losses you may suffer or believe to suffer because of or during your participation or involvement in a session or consult resulting from any actions, statements, answers to questions or omissions made by Advait Ashram ;
  9. understand and agree that in the event any claim for damages shall be brought or prosecuted against Advait Ashram or any person associated with Advait Ashram as a result of your actions, omissions, or other act, that you and/or your estate shall indemnify and hold harmless Advait Ashram and all persons associated with Advait Ashram from any and all claims, actions or damages, legal and otherwise, made by you or anyone associated with you including the cost and expense associated with defending such actions or claims;
  10. understand that all information provided to you during your product, service, appointment or correspondence is considered confidential and shall not be disclosed except as required by law;
  11. agree that Advait Ashram can use portions of any feedback sent after the service or product is rendered as a testimonial using first name only and state/country and without revealing any specific information about the session;
  12. agree that Advait Ashram can use portions of your appointment or correspondence for a blog post on their website, without revealing any specific information about your session to sharing the universal message of inspiration and love.
  13. agree to receive occasional future emails from Advait Ashram in the form of a newsletter with special offers, news and other information.
  14. are accepting the terms of this agreement, disclaimer, and liability release, by your own free will while fully comprehending what you are doing and the result and consequences of your actions.
  15. have read this and fully understand this agreement, and understand that by booking a session, service, or purchase a product by Advait Ashram represents signing, accepting and agreeing to all the conditions stated within this agreement and includes a release of all possible liability of Advait Ashram . You, the client, accept and agree to all of these terms and conditions upon booking a service or product with Advait Ashram and waive any legal action against Advait Ashram for the information provided in the session or consult. You, the client, accept full responsibility for all actions, outcomes, and emotions upon and following booking a service or product with a Advait Ashram.

Force Majeure

Advait Ashram is not liable for any non-performance caused by circumstances beyond our control, which directly or indirectly prevents, obstructs or renders production, delivery or freight uneconomical until such obstacle has been removed (force majeure). Such circumstances shall be deemed to include difficulties to procure raw materials as well as other difficulties and disturbances, including but not limited to war, riot, labour conflicts, fire, flood, storm, accident, fuel or power shortages, transportation shortages, obstacles or interruptions regarding transportation at sea and breakdowns or interruptions of any kind as regards to our equipment or facilities, which are deemed necessary for the performance of our agreements’ obligations.


“The fruition of this process is samadhi which yields release, which is the state of unsurpassed bliss. The revered Gurus also have said that release is to be gained only by devotion which is of the nature of reflection on the truth of the Self.”

― Ramana Maharshi