Guidance & Support in the Kundalini Awakening Process.


Welcome to Advaitashram, a safe haven dedicated to nurturing and honing the inner fire of life, Kundalini. Our mission is to create a secure and supportive environment where the dormant spiritual  potential within you can blossom into its fullest expression.

Embark on your spiritual journey with Advait Ashram

Advait Ashram is a global community that offers guidance, support and a safe space for the awakening and unfolding of Kundalini Process. We Provide online and in-person support through events retreats and immersions. We facilitate the activation, ascension, alignement for a  complete maturation of Kundalini through our Energetic Transmissions. We enable your innate biological evolutionary potential to be unleashed so you can experience an expanded state of non-dual consciousness.

Is this path for me?

This work is tailored to meet you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.
If any of the following resonates with you, you are in the right place:
  • You are beginning to feel a call towards the divine but you feel lost with the overwhelming information out there
  • You experience deep energetic processes which may have been spontaneously triggered by trauma but despite your best efforts there is no healing from the tensions and patterns
  • You have had glimpses of the depths within yet don’t know how to access them more consistently
  • You have regular episodes of contact with your inner being, yet you cannot stabilize and integrate it in life and so you are left feeling dissociated and disconnected
  • You have a practice but now you feel limited by it and are tired of constantly seeking the ultimate breakthrough
  • You are tired of seeking and never really finding what you seek
Embodied enlightenment is your birthright and is very much accessible.

Experience Embodied Enlightenment lived through the Heart of Consciousness

Our Offerings

Kundalini is the evolutionary impulse within all beings, it is the intelligent life force, leading one to enlightenment, enhancing creativity, manifestation, health, purpose and revealing the true nature of the Self and Ultimate Reality. This system of energy work clears deep rooted trauma, dissolving contractions & blockages within the body-mind complex. As a result, the psyche gets reoriented, misconceptions and veils preventing deep spontaneous immersion, spiritual unfolding and intutive insight are removed.

This can a very challenging, disorienting and lonely experience – we understand this deeply having gone through it ourselves.

To support a smooth and effective transformation of your entire being we offer a holistic and in-depth perspective of the kundalini process, supported by age old resources and methods applicable to this contemporary world. Our offerings provide you with the knowledge, direct experience, affirmation, validation, support, healing as well as guidance. Our community, personal pointers, discourses, practices and energy transmissions are designed to meet you wherever you are, helping you to crystalise and actualise the emerging divinity. You can receive consultation as well as distance energy transmissions from our Siddha Gurus, which initiates you into the yogic process or aligns your flow if you are already active.


Personal Mentorship

Schedule individual Shaktipat sessions to receive guidance & energy transmission

Online Community

Subscribe to group meditation & energy transmission every week live online on zoom

Events & Retreats

Immerse and dissolve in an in-person container for the Kundalini process in a retreat setting or 1 day event

Courses & Workshops

We will soon be launching an array of courses to orient the creative mind towards spiritual wisdom

Become a member of “The Sangha” Community Platform

The Sangha network offers you exclusive access to a wealth of resources, guidance, and a supportive network to enhance your spiritual journey.

Upcoming Events

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Importance of Sangha

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Importance of Current & Lineage

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