The Teachings

Our teachings are based in Trika Śaivism, an ancient spiritual tradition aiming at a direct realization of the nondual state of consciousness. We facilitate seekers to deeply embody this state in their own inner experience of divinity.


A journey of Cultivating Consciousness.

Our work focuses on awakening and ascent of Kuṇḍalinī, the transformative evolutionary biological potential present within every being. This energetic awakening, a sacred and transformative experience, empowers you to tap into your innate divine capabilities. This current dissolves the core tensions, clears trauma from the nervous system, expands the flow of creativity, enhances intuition and healing energy as well as eliminates misconceptions about our true nature and its purpose.

As the Kuṇḍalinī energy flows and courses through your being, psychic barriers dissolve, and the doors to expanded consciousness swing open. This offers a profound shift in perception, allowing you to view the world and yourself in a holistic way. As our individual limited separate self merges with the divine, our absolute unity with consciousness is revealed.

At Advaitashram, we specialize in guiding individuals through this intricate process. Within our sanctuary, we provide the essential tools and guidance needed to facilitate the awakening of your Kuṇḍalinī energy.

As you embark on this journey with us, you will discover the incredible potential within you for growth, healing, and self-discovery.

Shaktipat Deeksha

The focal point of our teachings are the Shakti transmissions, a state of resonance between spiritual energy from teacher with a fully mature kundalini to the student. This gives a concrete experience of the vital force in a safe unforceful and effortless manner. Shaktipat is a catalyst for profound spiritual unfoldment, it is the heart of all Yogic & Tantric practices, and the most direct path which leads to spiritual growth and inner equinanimity.

Our Shaktipat transmission masters bring this ancient practice to life, guiding you through a process of spiritual awakening that transcends words and concepts. It’s a journey that can bring about lasting transformation and lead you toward the realization of your true self.


No vigorous practice or forceful techniques required. No study or routines or prior conceptual knowledge needed. All one has to do is relax & let go.


Automatic spontaneous yoga unfolds by itself. Asana, pranayam, kriyas & mudras manifest according to the unique constitution of the individual. 


Kundalini gets activated through sympathetic resonance between the adept & initiate. Immersion in the field of presence helps one to get established in their natural state of non dual Awareness.


A fully embodied experience is enabled as kundalini dissolves trauma as well as a natural detox & Karmic clearing process is initiated. 


Our team of experienced practitioners and mentors is committed to supporting you throughout this spiritual expedition. We understand that each person’s journey is unique, and we tailor our approach to suit your individual needs and pace. Through gentle guidance, profound wisdom, and unwavering support, we empower you to traverse the path of Kundalini awakening with confidence and clarity.


The need for a teacher on the path

Personalized guidance

We understand that each individual’s path is unique. Our teachers offer personalized guidance, adapting their approach to meet your specific needs, challenges, and aspirations during Kundalini awakening and Shaktipat transmission.

Compassion & Support

Kundalini awakening and Shaktipat transmission can be profound and sometimes challenging experiences. Our teachers provide compassionate support, helping you navigate the intricacies of this transformative journey with care and understanding.

Holistic Approach

Beyond techniques and practices, our teachers emphasize a holistic approach that integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being. This ensures a balanced and sustainable awakening process through Kundalini awakening and Shaktipat transmission.

Meet the Teachers

Swami Rohan Ji

Shaktipat Acharya

Rohan ji is a Siddha Guru with a contemporary understanding of the Enlightenment process. He regards the spiritual process as a biological evolutionary phenomenon common to all beings & points initiates to the Ultimate knowing of oneself as divine Shiva nature, Nondual Awareness. His teachings are based in Trika Shaivism infused with biology & physics of the Kundalini process & classical Tantra, exploring fields of vibrational mechanics, quantum physics, Bioelectrics as well as the Ayurvedic concepts of a healthy life supporting the Kundalini process.

Vaani Devi

Shaktipat Acharya

Marie Lindström Kapur, Vaani, has been walking a life long yogic path of an intensely Self-inquiring nature. Her Kundalini blossomed into Self-realization upon meeting Rohanji & as their leela they were to play & explore merged union as married consorts. His guidance & teachings of Nondual Tantra came to confirm mystical experiences & Samadhi states enveloping her, changing her perception, ushering the embodiment of Devi, ever unfolding. She facilitates Shaktipat through transmissions of voice and song in transcendental kirtan, as well as the traditional initiation of touch and sight.

Yaari Prema

Shaktipat Acharya

Eleni Grigoraki’s Kundalini awakening began with Osho’s teachings. As a devoted sannyasin since 1998, she flourished in consciousness, shedding ego aspects through Osho’s system. Seeking a direct touch, she found Rohanji and received Shaktipat which instantly led to nirvikalpa samadhi.

Now dedicated to Kundalini transformation through the Siddha Shaktipat System, she effortlessly abides in non-dual awareness. Recognized for her growth, Prema is a sanctioned Shaktipat facilitator, guiding others through Kundalini transformation using restorative yogasana, active meditations, dance and movement together with Shaktipat deeksha.

Peter Logstrup

Shaktipat Acharya

An accident amplified the experience of his already awake Kundalini energy, bringing deep pains, electrical sensations, and profound surrender, transformation and transmuted sexual energy and blissful full-body orgasms.

Encountering Vaani and Rohan, Peter were guided through the imbalance and confusion this spontaneous unfoldment had given rise to and participated continuously in Shaktipat Satsangs. They deepend the dissolution as well as balanced the processes in his body and consciousness. Now an integral part of the Sangha family, Peter lives in non-dual awareness as a self-realized being.

Hridaya Devi

Kundalini Initiator

It had been 3-4 years of Heather, Hridaya, fully dedicating herself to her Ashtanga yoga practice when she experienced a sudden and spontaneous Kundalini activity that removed layers of conditioning. A few years later Heather connected with Rohanji and became a part of AdvaitAshram Sangha. Through him she received a solid framework for understanding what she was experincing and a beautiful foundation of support while also receiving directions and pointers to recognize her true nature as non dual awareness. The Dissolution into her true being continued and eventually she established fully in and as her true nature.

Christian Optiz

Kundalini Initiator

Christian explored the Taoist and Vedantic traditions for many years, yet something remained incomplete in his quest for self-realization. When he discovered Advaitashram, he was deeply moved by the power of Shaktipat and the deep personal integrity of the teachers. The recognition of being pure consciousness finally came during a Shaktipat retreat and opened up a new life of freedom, wonder and causeless joy.


Kundalini Initiator

Elizabeth’s Kundalini awakening began at seven, marked by waking visions and out-of-body experiences, accompanied by a deep contemplation of death. Despite a blissful awareness of Divine orchestration, early childhood trauma, karmic imprints, and egoic illusions persisted.

Her life journey, encompassing a Kabbalistic order and devotion (Bhakti), naturally unfolded. A major Kundalini event in 2006 sparked a search for truth, leading her to Vaani, Rohanji, and the Sangha, where she found support and embrace. Committing to weekly transmissions and Shaktipats, Elizabeth experienced heart openings and heightened states of Samadhi, facilitating healing from lingering karma and trauma.

An in-person Shaktipat session with Peterji marked a profound transformation, propelling her deeper into her true self. Rohanji offered support, guiding her through unfolding events. Initiated as a Siddha Yogini, Elizabeth’s journey to wholeness rapidly unfolded, bringing authenticity and integration to her being.


Kundalini Initiator

Walking a path of Bhakti Yoga from a young age, Divine transmission flows through Emma with open eyes, voice, hands, and loving presence. Following a pilgrimage across Asia & the Americas, in Jerusalem, she was initaited into the lineage of Siddha Yoga. She enjoys sharing the Arts, Music, and Resources of Holistic Health.


Kundalini Initiator – inactive

With great reverence for scriptures and teaching methodologies towards yoga, Mauna emphasises understanding beyond the intellect. To rest with life as whole and to know Yoga not as method but as being itself. She finds guidance and creative flow through the innermost space of Mauna or Silence, where words can only point, but never reach.

Qusai Kathawala

Somatic Movement 

Qusai utilizes posture and movement to enhance awareness and circulate energy, drawing from 20+ years of studying yoga, qigong, feldenkrais, meditation, and somatic practices. His teaching style, informed by this synthesis, is flexible, playful, and deeply nourishing.

During sessions, Qusai guides participants to quiet the mind, enhance proprioception (the body’s awareness of its position), and sharpen interoception (awareness of the internal body state). The goal is to tap into primal intelligence, deepen presence, and embody daoist qualities like Ziran (spontaneity) and Wei wu wei (doing not-doing).

Work with our Teachers

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Is the Path and its teachings for beginners or advanced practitioners?

The Trika Tantra path caters to every individual at the level of consciousness they are currently at, whether you are already an adept or just starting your journey. The methods and techniques are divided into three major categories designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Are there any prerequisites for me to walk this Path?

One must develop the qualities of a true disciple such as compassion, forebearance, kindness, patience, perseverance, generosity, non violence, self surrender.

Is Kundalini Awakening Safe? What to expect from the awakening process?

Kundalini awakening can be dangerous and involves many peak profound experiences and well as valleys of depression. The process rewires the entire biology, from the metabolism to the psyche structure which means a destruction of the old paradigm. Under guidance of a teacher the challenges of the process are mitigated to a large extent.

What makes this Path & Advaitahsram's Teachings unique?

Advaitashram provides age old classical teachings of advaita tantra in a contemporary container. Blending understanding of various other fields (such as physics and biology) and modalities (somatic and craniosacral therapy), using modern terminology to best explain ancient wisdom.

Is it suitable for a householder or do I need to become an ascetic ?

Whether you a hermit, or householder, an artist, or an accountant, a pirate or into corporate, a nurturer responsible for a family or a bachelor.. This path is for you.  

What is the lineage or tradition of the Teachers?

The teachers are lineage holders within the MahaSiddha tradition, an unbroken current of transmission passed down from teacher to disciple in the Natha order of Yogis, originating from Shiva the first Guru. The teachings and philosophical standpoint are derived from the advaita Tantra of Trika Shaivism.

Do all the teachers have a different approach to the process and teaching style?

Every teacher has their unique style and flavour, have gained influences from various other schools of thought and beautifuly blend this knowledge together with Trika Tantra in their teachings.

Can I work with the teacher I reosnate with most?

Yes, you should only work with the teacher with whom you can connect heart to heart, can easily surrender to, and feel an energetic pull and resonance with.

How can I connect to the community?

You can join the SANGHA platform

How can I schedule a session or mentorship with the Teachers?

You can either click on any of the teacher’s profile above or go to sessions page

Start your Kundalini Quest With AdvaitAshram

Whether you’re seeking your first experience with Kundalini awakening or aiming to deepen your practice, our teachers are here to guide you. With their wisdom, knowledge, and mastery of Shaktipat transmission, you can embark on a transformative journey toward expanded consciousness and self-realization.

Meet our team of Kundalini awakening guides and Shaktipat transmission masters today and take the next step on your spiritual path. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a session with one of our experienced teachers.

We support your journey towards an embodied recognition of your Natural state, Bliss of Being