Spiritual Awakening Foundation

Assisting the ascension of consciousness.

Activating Kundalini through Shaktipat Deeksha Initiation.

Guiding you through the Kundalini Awakening process leading one towards self-realization.


A foundation Assisting the ascension of consciousness.

We offer Activating of Kundalini, guidance and support through the Awakening process.

Kundalini is the secret Door

We at Advaitashram provide a safe space for the activation, clearing, unfolding as well as complete maturation of the Kundalini Process.

Kundalini is the foundation for biological and spiritual evolution, the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and sciences, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths and spiritual traditions.

We facilitate the awakening of this energy so it unleashes Your divine capability to experience expanded states of consciousness, clear Karma blockages, and abide in the non dual awareness, bliss of being.

“There is no other divine fire able to consume the whole of duality than Kuṇḍalinī.”


Shaktipat is the Key

Advaitashram imparts teachings through transmission of Shaktipat which is a holistic system for awakening and guiding the Kundalini energy to rise. The attunement sets off a chain reaction in flowering of consciousness, it clears blocks which limit our emotional, mental and energetic perception. This dissolves conditioning of the bodymind through spontaneous inner Yoga and accelerates healing on all levels of body, mind and soul. It attunes You effortlessly to the natural state, Non dual bliss of Being.


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Testimony of Transformation

Do not take our Word for it. See what others have to say about their blossoming experience.


Thank you so much for me having been part of this Shaktipat transmission🙏🏻I am very grateful for having been part of the proces, and have experienced so many precious things. I will keep it short here, but every day was with new kriyas and especially on the 5th and 6th chakra I was extremely challenged with pain and unpleasant physical reactions as well as feelings accompanying it, but after it would get better. On the 7th day I realized that the crown chakra had earlier in my life not been very much in focus for my meditation though the other chakras had. It kind of seemed to be too holy, too divine, too sacred to go near. On the 7th day I came near it. And that was fascinating. After a short while of meditation cognitions came to me: ‘I am complete’ ‘I am whole’ ‘I don’t need anything, I have it all’. It was very light, very subtle and very beautiful. And after, when I meditate on the crown chakra the cognitions stay with me and deepen. Thank you so much to all involved and especially to Gyani Grace and Rohan Kapur who invited me, facilitated the process and made this possible for me – I am very grateful indeed, words cannot express it in full – Namaste


I felt like energy was knocking on my head, almost like it was a door. Once I let it in, I felt like blissful energy was seeping in, pouring down my face right under my skin. At times it felt like energy was rubbing parts of my face and my temples.
Some kriyas were felt around my body, like pulsations in my leg and jolts in my heart area, but I was very transfixed on the activity around my crown and face.
I laid down in surrender until I was sure i didn’t feel anything anymore, and then continued in quiet meditation.
Truly remarkable, thank you all so much!

Christian Dittrich

My experience with shaktipat and the guidance offered by Yaari, Gyani and Rohan is one of self – grace in the purest form.  The energy awakened through their shaktipat is of a fierce benevolence that makes my illusions so visible that the evaporate in clear seeing.  The whole being, from the physical body tot he subtle dimensions is cleansed and invited to full aliveness..  Equally important are the crystal clear pointers given after the sessions and the many useful articels by the facilitators, because by reminding me of what spiritual awakening is really about, there is littel chance to settle for the consolation price of mystical experiences and a spiritual ego reinforced by them.   

Brianna Perez

During the session, I felt energy sort of like an electric surge on the base of my spine and felt lots of energy/vibration above my head also. A momentary but truly blissful experience! I will keep posted as I continue to experience more and will most definitely reach out to you for additional Shaktipat sessions.

Carrie Hanna

My feet moved intensely and I felt energy move in through my feet and up my legs. Legs shook for a bit. And then the feeling of tingles. Stimulation in the root chakra area and then through the heart, throat and brow energy centres. My arms went up in the air and I felt energy move out through my hands. Singing/sounds came out. It felt beautiful. When my arms came down, there was more focus on my heart and throat chakras. A bit of coughing. Then more intense singing. Felt the vibrations through my chest and head. My teeth and skull were chattering. Ended with OM chanting.

Paula Ashar Chalker

A good few months ago now I had a shaktipat session with Rohan. It was a very peace filled, deeply nurturing and activating experience. I could feel the energy pulsing at the Muludhara chakra and felt this for days afterwards with various bodily sensations happening. Now, whenever I simply think of Rohan, within minutes these sensations of energy movement in my body start again. It has been a very beautiful feeling as this journey is a lone one at times and having this connection through Shaktipat, through our divine selves, is very soothing. I was amazed by it at first. That Rohan would pop into my mind and I would think of having another session and the exchange would start. Bodes the question of am I thinking of him to summon it or is the kundalini calling to me and this causes me to then think of Rohan..all so wonderfully intriguing. I know that this would only build up if I I was to have another 1:1 session. It can only increase. I am very grateful for the feeling of unity, love, and connection. It would be this way with all of the practitioners of Shaktipat here. There indeed truly is a divine presence here. We are connecting into something beyond our separate selves. Its very beautiful.

Aaradhna Uppal

The very very subtle layers of the limited ego mind started showing up in life after the bliss felt at Raison. I was shocked at the resistance I still had to accept certain aspects of me. Slowly, as another transmission happened on the full moon, I’ve finally started getting a GLIMPSE of the true essence of love. I’ve felt that essence being my essence as well for moments. 

Roopa Shenoy

During the first shaktipat session, I witnessed intensified stillness in the body, deafening silence in the mind, darkness- a void… my familiar friend i retreated into (though with lesser intensity). When Rohan placed his palm gently on my head, through this still, silent, dark void, I witnessed a beam of awareness penetrate my crown like a thunderbolt, strike through the heart, bounce off the base and rise back up enlivening the deathly void. As per Vedic texts, I can say I was struck by the vajra.

Nour Zeibak


It’s only 10 months since I found this online ashram and started participating in the shaktipat events, 1:1 sessions, 7 day intensive transmissions and Live Satsang zoom calls. I feel alive!

I see clearly, I can express myself without effort, I am confident, present, and mind is silent. I feel so natural, I literally feel home everywhere, I love and feel loved. I am love.

Many blocks and missconceptions have been cleared, Kundalini circuit flows up and down like a river without resistance, I enter shoonya, sometimes I merge with reality around me, I become everyone and everything.

This aliveness in the body, full of life energy!

I am the form of consciousness and bliss, I am the eternal shiva.

Forever grateful

Erik Stevenson

He could speak and appeal to me and my sense of scientific inquiry. He was able to demystify and make practical and real world applicable much of the ancient teachings and writings. It didn’t matter if it was Christian or Hindu, or Buddhist or Taoist, he could show me, and confirm for me the truth in any scripture or passage and do it in such a way that it became a change in me.

Claire Wooding

My heart just exploded energy rushes up n down my spine out top of my head crown lit up. Im home! My heart just knows the truth and i spoke with god/source, “ i never left you my child” what on earth just happened. Tears and shaking and laughing i saw angel wings and a man in my vision.

Alle Russo Dean

Through the grace of kundalini I was guided to Rohan. My first remote Shaktipat experience was pure bliss as kundalini rise in orgasmic waves. Resonance strongly felt as we connected through meditation for Shaktipat.


I’ve been thinking about writing to tell you how kundalini shaktipat is unfolding. I’ve noticed that I still have sensations but they are changing. I still feel what I call “stripes of chills”, all over my body, but more all over my back. They are more intense during meditation, but can also happen at other moments of the day. Also I have noticed a pulsing sensation, particularly in my back behind my heart and the back part of my head. Although I can also feel the pulsing in other parts of my back and all over my head. It is a clear sensation but not unpleasant. Also during meditation I have noticed a couple of times I have gone deeper. I am aware, meaning I am sure I am not asleep neither am I dreaming. However, is as if I lost sensory input, I do not see any lights or colors behind my eyelids), I don’t feel my body, often I don’t hear anything. Also when I start hearing voices or music or environmental sounds, it really surprises me. Like “wow oh, sound!”, then “ oh words! But what are they saying?”. It takes me sometime to understand language clearly. Then I am also very surprised about my body, it’s position and the place I am as if I lost touch with the knowingness of having a body, being in a place, etc. I feel good afterwards and during it, there is no good or bad. Sometimes in meditation, spontaneously i feel my third eye way more clearly, very present, very… concrete so to say. I’ve had some interesting lucid dreams, and also noticed many shadow elements in my dreams during many weeks. It has been interesting. Thank you for reading me and as usual all your insights are welcome.

Allen Wood

Thanks to your guidance, I was really able to detach from body and view from the perspective of my higher self, or at least what I perceived to be my higher self, much of the time. Previously, I was having a difficult time with clinging and attachment to the body sensations, but I’ve really begun to grow beyond that in comparison to where I began. So I’m very excited to continue nurturing that difficult time with clinging and attachment to the body sensations. I am thankful for your guidance and endlessly thankful for mother kundalini’s attention! I think I noticed the my granthis starting to be undone. There was a release in my pelvis area and an immediate rush of energy to my head. And for a couple of hours after I had to really try hard to not have what felt like an orgasm while I was driving. Second, I noticed that when I got into a deep state of meditation I would see this blueish light kind of floating around. I decided to focus on it and it kept advancing closer. So I decided to let it in through I think my third eye. I felt an immediate sensation of something in my head and I no longer saw the light. As I was spending more time with kriyas today, it kept coming to a pause which usually means the kundalini snake is preparing to rise. This was starting to happen more frequently. The energy started to get very powerful right through the middle of my brain. I decided to embrace that power and it slowly started to take my eyes upward with it. When I did this it invoked a very strong reaction to kundalini and I felt a much much larger snake than i have ever felt before. 

The shaktipat is working tremendously. It finally cleared my first three chakras, I believe, and when that happened I had kundalini energy rise to my head first from my right leg, then my left leg. This happened during two different kriya sessions now. And now my kriyas are almost solely focusing on shaking my spine. Each time she rises, I can feel her more strongly.

“The fruition of this process is samadhi which yields release, which is the state of unsurpassed bliss. The revered Gurus also have said that release is to be gained only by devotion which is of the nature of reflection on the truth of the Self.”

― Ramana Maharshi