Spiritual Awakening Foundation


Assisting the ascension of consciousness.

Activating Kundalini through Shaktipat Deeksha Initiation.

Providing guidance through the Kundalini Awakening and towards self-realization.


Assisting the ascension of consciousness.

Activating Kundalini through Shaktipat Deeksha Initiation.

Providing guidance through the Kundalini Awakening and towards self-realization.

Kundalini is the secret

Kundalini is the foundation for biological and spiritual evolution, the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and sciences, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths and spiritual traditions.

This energy is what unleashes Your divine capability to experience expanded states of consciousness, clear Karma, and abide in the non dual awareness, bliss of being, Samadhi.

Shaktipat Deeksha Initiation

Shaktipat is a holistic system for awakening and guiding the Kundalini energy to rise. The attunement sets off a chain reaction in flowering of consciousness, it clears blocks which limit our emotional, mental and energetic perception. This dissolves conditioning of the bodymind through spontaneous inner Yoga and accelerates healing on all levels of body, mind and soul. It attunes You effortlessly to the natural state, Non dual bliss of Being.

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Schedule group or individual Shaktipat sessions to receive consultation, mentorship & transmission of energy remotely

Retreats & Immersives

Allow your body mind to dissolve and return to your essential being in Satsang & Shaktipat field

Online Events

Participate in a mass shaktipat transmission over a distance every solstice, equinox and full moon

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Testimony of Transformation

Do not take our Word for it. See what others have to say about their blossoming experience.

Alle Russo Dean

Through the grace of kundalini I was guided to Rohan. My first remote Shaktipat experience was pure bliss as kundalini rise in orgasmic waves. Resonance strongly felt as we connected through meditation for Shaktipat.

Aaradhna Uppal

The very very subtle layers of the limited ego mind started showing up in life after the bliss felt at Raison. I was shocked at the resistance I still had to accept certain aspects of me. Slowly, as another transmission happened on the full moon, I’ve finally started getting a GLIMPSE of the true essence of love. I’ve felt that essence being my essence as well for moments. 

Erik Stevenson

He could speak and appeal to me and my sense of scientific inquiry. He was able to demystify and make practical and real world applicable much of the ancient teachings and writings. It didn’t matter if it was Christian or Hindu, or Buddhist or Taoist, he could show me, and confirm for me the truth in any scripture or passage and do it in such a way that it became a change in me.

Claire Wooding

My heart just exploded energy rushes up n down my spine out top of my head crown lit up. Im home! My heart just knows the truth and i spoke with god/source, “ i never left you my child” what on earth just happened. Tears and shaking and laughing i saw angel wings and a man in my vision.

Roopa Shenoy

During the first shaktipat session, I witnessed intensified stillness in the body, deafening silence in the mind, darkness- a void… my familiar friend i retreated into (though with lesser intensity). When Rohan placed his palm gently on my head, through this still, silent, dark void, I witnessed a beam of awareness penetrate my crown like a thunderbolt, strike through the heart, bounce off the base and rise back up enlivening the deathly void. As per Vedic texts, I can say I was struck by the vajra.

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 Join our Facebook community for support and assistance through other awakened beings. We hold each other in this process of awakening and serve as an extended family. This platform creates a field of transformation which strengthens and empowers all within. The forum for discussions and useful information provides a strong base to land on.

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“The fruition of this process is samadhi which yields release, which is the state of unsurpassed bliss. The revered Gurus also have said that release is to be gained only by devotion which is of the nature of reflection on the truth of the Self.”

― Ramana Maharshi




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