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Shaktipat initiation is for the seer who wants to begin this process of self discovery as well as adepts who are spiritually mature to recognize the Truth. Regular sessions onset the metamorphosis for initiates and are valuable for the already awakened to support the unfolding process.

Guidance helps us avoid unnecessary pitfalls and saves valuable time & effort spent in mechanical practice and ineffective techniques. To share presence with our teachers has a stabilizing effect and helps one integrate during the cathartic detox & purification process.

Personal Consultation

We advice you to begin the Kundalini process with a consultation with one of our facilitators. This session is to understand the intensity & depth of the work involved as well as map a uniquely tailored path according to the karmic composition of the seeker.


Shaktipat Transmission

We offer an hour of Shaktipat transmission over any distance. You may schedule a video call or simply receive telepathically through meditation. This helps initiate and accelerate the flow of Kundalini as well as clear and align karmic blockages accumulated in the subtle body.


Group Sessions

Online Shaktipat Sangha

Weekly video call with Shaktipat Transmission, Satsang and Guidance.

Online Gatherings

We are open to Invitations for online Shaktipat transmission and meditation, Satsang Q&A, Video lectures and teachings on Science of Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini Tantra, Shaktipat or Non duality for any group of seekers interested. The sessions can be held over any distance for any number of people in one place or connected through video conference in different remote locations.

Requirements: An online meeting platform. Alternatively we can use our Zoom Room. Interested group of participants, minimum 4-5. 

Local Gatherings

We encourage you to organize gatherings and invite us to host workshops, group meditations, events or retreats in your local area or yoga studio. We support all such endeavors for those interested in working with kundalini and exploring the depths of shaktipat. 

The gathering creates a powerful transformative field, enabling deep insight and revelation of Truth. 

Requirements: Meditation hall, Yoga studio or open space in nature . Interested seekers who wish to explore this opportunity, minimum 4-5. 

Mass Shaktipat Transmission

We also offer Mass Online distance transmissions every Full Moon & Equinox. Join remotely on Donation Basis.

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  • How to prepare?
  • Effects & result
  • How to continue practice?
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