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Our initiators carry the flame of transformation across the world and hold space for transcendence in both in-person events, as well as online in worldwide distance transmissions. 

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Worldwide distance transmission

Solstice and Equinox are highly energetic cosmic events where the planetary alignment aids the mass transmission of Shaktipat field. These times of transition are best periods of the year to raise kundalini and undergo shift in consciousness.


Worldwide distance transmission

Kundalini is heightened and amplified during the full moon’s luminous energy surge. Making it a time of enhanced purification, cleansing, clearing, shedding, healing and recharging on deep levels.

Each Full Moon Shaktipat is a beautiful opportunity to receive Divine grace of Shaktipat, to activate Kundalini, enhance the flow for those with already activated kundalini, clear & release blockages, and to deepen ones Sādhana.

Participate by joining the Online Ashram Facebook Group here and place your photo and permission to receive in the upcoming post about the event. There will be more details posted there as well.

Virtual Events

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