Kundalini Activation & Clearing of blockages.
Energetic Guidance supporting your unique process of transformation.
Mentorship to guide you to Self-realization.

We lead you to embodied recognition of your Natural state as Bliss of Being

We are offering 1:1 Mentorship with our Teachers

This is a potent opportunity to be in presence of a Siddha Guru and Shaktipat Acharya and establish a deep connection with your own true essence.

The direct guidance of a Teacher on this path is a huge support, as the teachings are uniquely tailored according to your level of development on the path.
The pointers are crafted according to your state of perception with the most efficient practices as per your need and requirement.

Committing to a dedicated Path and a mentor accelerates the process of clearing & transformation as well as brings clarity & focus on your path to Self-realization. 


Receive Energy Transmission to awaken Kundalini as well as clear the blockages in it’s path


Personally designed pointers and teachings for your level of perception


Uniquely designed methods well-suited to fit individual needs


-You want to immerse in your true being and recognize yourself as non dual awareness.

-You are looking to awaken and accelerate your Kundalini energy to clear trauma and blockages

– You want to avoid unnecesary struggle and pitfalls of the process. 

-You want to further develop your meditation and deepen your spiritual practice.

-You want to understand the mind and the Kundalini transformation process.

-You want to be able to abide with a still mind and surrender into your natural state with ease.

-You are longing to flower into your fullest potential and live in the bliss of being.

-You are looking for a holisitic container and the framework of an established and proven path to liberation. 

This work can question and challenge your current beliefs to recognize your own true nature. If you are willing to look into your ego structure with a sharpened discernment, to see the radiating beauty of wisdom shine forth as illusions fall, this is for you. If you are struggling in your Kundalini process, feel stuck in the same loop, and no amount of diverse teachings and modalities have helped, a more dedicated and focused guidance can serve as a laser torch illuminating the path. 

Shaktipat is for the seeker who wants to begin this process of self discovery as well as adepts who are spiritually mature to recognize the Truth and need support with acceleration, alignment and integration.


The sessions are held via video call (Zoom or messenger) where you receive guidance, pointers, a safe space and container for growth and dissolution of illusions, as well as your practices and focus for contemplation. The sessions can alternatively be held at a distance via telepathy (distance energy transfer) to help clearing of blockages on all levels.


A total of 6 sessions over a period of 3 months. Guidance through your personal Teacher.


We believe that everyone should have access to spiritual development and guidance through our services, regardless of their financial ability. That’s why we’ve implemented a sliding scale pricing system to the mentorship. Our prices vary based on your income level, so that everyone can afford the growth and support they need.

Exchange is given on a sliding scale starting from  400 Euro and ranging up to 800 Euro.

The Genrosity of those who can afford to give more will pave the way for those who can afford less.

This will enable Us to keep offering these services and sustain Ourselves.

Meet Your Mentors

To share presence with our teachers has a stabilizing effect and helps one integrate during the cathartic detox & purification within the kundalini process. 

Guidance helps us avoid unnecessary pitfalls and saves valuable time & effort spent in mechanical practices and ineffective techniques.

Yaari Prema

Emma Morgen

Vajra Devi

Hridaya Devi