If you’ve had energetic experiences, visions, elevated sensations or times of bliss. If you receive guidance from spirit guides, experiencing enhanced intuition or having gone through any kind of awakening, whatever your definition of it. Know, that it is all brought about by Kundalini activity, colored by and interpreted into manifestations/archetypes that fit your current belief system, so you may not even know that Kundalini activity is the cause for your experiences.

So, consider how the word ascension comes from the ascension of Kundalini within the spine, which once awakened clears the bodymind from karmic imprints. This process is self-directed, automatic and spontaneous, and once Kundalini has awakened you do not need to control it.

If you still try to control it, through directed meditations, techniques, transmissions and healings from someone with a strong belief system or conceptual misperceptions, the blockages and karmic imprints trying to clear out, will only perpetuate as they derive from the “doership” involved (karma=action) and the belief that there is a “doer”.

If your Kundalini is active then you are energetically ready to let go of ideas and concepts, and leap into true Self-realisation.

Those who cling to New Age concepts, glorified identities and missions obstruct and prolong the natural Kundalini healing and clearing process and thus the actual Self-realisation.

“To change the world is not your mission. To change yourself is not your duty. To awaken to your true nature is your opportunity.”



While the main focus may be that of ascent and raising the vibration, it is equally important to ground. Strong roots create the stable foundation for the tree to grow tall. Ungrounded, the energy may not progress as much, and lead to symptoms such as feeling dizzy, tired, feeling “spaced out”, inability to focus and concentrate, forgetfulness, clumsiness, agitation, inability to complete tasks, losing track of time etc.

In the striving for progress it is easy to over-emphasise the ascent, where ascent happens naturally when grounding is properly done. There are multiple ways to ground, where walking in nature traditionally is the yogi’s best friend, as well as grounding foods etc.


It is also important to know that Kundalini rises up through Sushumna, the central channel, after which it circles down the front channel, in a circuit from root to crown to root. One can encourage this downward flow in meditation, by inhaling up the spine, and exhaling down the front inside body.

The energy is circulated by intention, and even if you don’t feel it much, know that it is done. It will help the energy down and up, in natural balance, taking pressure from the head, easing the process of clearing and opening chakras and nadis.


Most of all allow the automatic process of the awakened Kundalini to occur by giving it space and stillness in daily meditation. An active Kundalini works best and most efficient through you surrendering to it, to let the energy to do the work. Allowing all aspects, experiences and emotions to be felt fully, to be integrated and thus cleared.

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