Sādhanā of introspection

The Sādhanā of introspection strengthens our relationship and compassion with external circumstances. Of course, there are times when isolation is somewhat necessary, but it is our inner attitude, our inner experience that is of most importance. 

If peacefulness blossoms within us, we naturally transmit the presence of equanimity in the external. Kriya Yoga, the yoga of action, is expressed, not only in our individual field, but, as a drop upon a lake sets forth ripples in, and as the water itself, the whole body of water is in continuous effect.

If we constantly condemn the outer world, seeing only the lunatic field of consumerism, and shun other beings, we enhance isolation and divide ourselves in two. Slowly, when our awareness, our knowing, becomes an interest of our attention, the distance between an object and the knowing of it, begins to dissipate. We come to notice how we can sit with family, friends, and strangers while witnessing our reactions, memories, pains, and joys. We let feelings arise in our utmost attention and equal awareness. Unconscious reactions are brought into the light of consciousness, and begin to burn away, in nothing other than the effulgence of simple knowing. Gradually our reactions become less while our actions spring from beyond the heaviness and fluctuating states of conditioning and desire. 

The deeper and more widespread our awareness shines, the deeper is our listening. It is only in the presence of the present moment that we can experience inner silence and equanimity. And it is through our own silence that we can listen to the world with our ears, our eyes, -through our wholesome being without condemning. Perhaps only a few will hear you or meet you in inclusive solitude, but somewhere deep inside, the lamp of awareness still shines. So when you feel the brightness of the sun within you, may you share each moment in recognition of its light. 

Meditative love does not arise from specific interest. It arises from the darshana of awareness beyond choice, beyond any cause outside of Oneself.