We are witnessing a huge amount of people beginning to awaken and it is beautiful to see many are being propelled on this inward journey. Though what is also noticed is the fact that most who are in the initial stages of their process begin to teach prematurely and transmit whatever little amount of prana they gathered.

A person who transmits healing or grace (prana shakti) intentionally, giving deeksha to others, loses their prana and acquires karma of others as well as throws off their own karma onto those whom they transmit grace to. This is the inescapable law of karma that no amount of grounding or clearing, protective shielding can bypass, the exchange of karma is unavoidable. It is the physics of sympathetic resonance and how nature operates. Most of the healers and guides are unaware of such subtleties or deny the existence of karma itself.

Thus those empowered to transmit within a proper container of a lineage and system put in years of traning and practice with their teacher to clear their system off any imprints. In the traditional systems for a person to be authorised as an acharya (eligible to teach), it took at least 10-12 years of immersion and refuge in the field of guru and lineage as well as study (internalisation) of the teachings. The initiate would have to undergo rigorous examination through dialogue with their teacher which included intense confrontation. The initiate would then be instructed to teach or transmit under the guidance of their siddha guru and in connection to the lineage current.


It has been observed over the decade that many who immaturely branched off the Advaitashram lineage and began to transmit the prana they acquired through the lineage, fail to carry the current, they are disconnected from the charge they were benifiting from and removed from the shaktipat field, thus eventually the prana dissipates and the branch halts its propagation, no longer fed by its root.

This has been noticed in many buddhist and tantric traditions as well in past. The monks who wander off on their own and follow their ‘inner voice & guidance’ instead of the teachings and sutras laid down by other siddhas and dakinis, do so from distrust in the teachings and infalted pride in their own limited understanding, it is a form of self deception as working with a guru means being confronted.

Eventually they either falter and lead others into crisis & confusion or burn themselves out, as their own karma, samaskara and vasanas are not fully purified. (They are not yet fully awakened and liberated, jeevanmukt, jnani)

A Deeksha adhikari (shaktipat initiator sanctioned to give impart deeksha under guidance of their guru) may falsely start to believe that the power coursing through them is their own, ego can sneak in and build itself around the acquired current, and this is the very cause of their fall and they are likely to be deprived of their power (shakti) eventually.

The genuine siddha guru who is firmly established in sahaj sthiti (continuous samadhi state) does not lose power like a deeksha adhikari, so they act as a perineal river of shakti kundalini drawing from the reservoir of the lineage.

The power of the jivanmukt siddha guru also does not come from or amount to his or her individual state or attainment. They are infact the representation of the collective force of the clan of jnanis and siddhas in which they happen to be the latest in line of current passed down.

So the authority to give deeksha comes from the lineage and the guru, and one simply fulfils their duty and obligation towards their guru. One is simply an instrument of the lineage which is what showers the grace. The lineage and its teachings are the transmission and what burns and dissolves karma, not the individual.

Every deeksha giver is an extension of their guru and the guru is a representation of the lineage of previous gurus.


There are furthermore dangers associated with a person who has no lineage and guru and gives grace to others, such a person has no in depth understanding of how to regulate shakti in others, They may spark it but ar not capable of directing the flow in sushumna, and so in such cases transmission is the most assured way to create a negative Kundalini crisis effect. Shaktipat or pranapat implies no preparation whatsoever and no worthiness before being thrown in the fire.

Thus one should be very cautious when receiving energy from someone, a proper scrutinisation must happen before we open ourselves to take refuge in a teacher or a path, we need to ask if this person is fully established and capable to lead others there, or are they still in their own journey and simply playing with fire. Of course this goes against the current trend of students and seekers grabbing whatever little boost they can from all sources possible and availaible. Yet the karmic cost outweighs the benifit of such a scattered path, dedication to one path and one teacher/ lineage is the surest way to fully embodied enlightenement.