Cannabis is a cure for many diseases, in the ayurvedic system it is called vijaya which means winner (over ailment). It was used in combination with many other herbs after a certain purification process of marana and shodhana, to remove toxicity and, till it was criminalised.

The CBD component in particular has various benifits according to study consumed in the right dosage. CBD is a useful tool but the psychoactive effects of THC have a tendencey of becoming a prolonged regular habit to experience. In most who set out to use it for spiritual growth, smoking it causes dependency to be in certain states of relaxation if not combined and integrated through meditation. There is a fine line between use and abuse.

Initially it catapults the process of transmutation ,one may find themselves induced into blissful altered states ‘resembling enlightenment’, opening and animating new etheric channels due to an overflow of prana, expanded creativity and clearing old blocks, but since this is artificially made to surface, it is not a sustained shift as it is with meditation. What has surfaced with marijuana use settles down deeper once the effects have worn out. The energy of the system gets occupied in neutralising the sudden amplification of the metabolism while its peaking, and later to maintain and recover the metabolism as the downer hits and prana dips. One may feel they have moved a step forward in their process but at the same time they have fallen back two steps by taxing the etheric, nervous and endocrine system.

The regular use overwhelms the nerves by increasing production of cannabinoids beyond the natural capacity of the receptors to sustain such a flooding of these neurotransmitters thus desensitising them. The increased neural activity further brings the hormonal production to a high which drains the nutrients from other processes of the body such as immune system, eventually its like running an engine without lubricant oil, ceribro-spinal fluids.

On an emotional and mental level issues seem to be getting resolved, but since its not a permanent clearing, the patterns get ingrained deeper in a passive state, only to pop out time to time causing panic, dullness/ numbness, lack of clarity, paranoia, aggressive & depressive states. This could also be associated to the shortened intervals of deep sleep and lack of REM, which is an essential period for the brain to process complex subconscious patterns.

The biochemistry within our system is capable of producing all required substance, anadamide, dopamine, cannabinoids, tryptamines , serotonin, meletonin . In the exact quantity the system can handle for optimal functioning without the use of external help. The ayurvedic use of Cannabis (Vijaya) is carried after treating and processing it to reduce its toxic (Tamsic) effects, even then it is administered in regulated quantities.
The chase for Ecstasy comes from the need to be in Our natural blissful state of being, cannabis induced recreation is only a glimpse of the original state and cannot be compared to a permanent bliss of being.