I used to channel Green Tara, Mary Magdalene and other ascended masters and star beings. It was part of my journey and led me to rapid realisation, when I stopped and dismissed it all as not it. It was a shift into potent unknown and extreme inner unfoldment.

Before Kundalini activates, consciousness is directed outward and external guidance may be helpful and experienced as separate from us, although after Kundalini activates our externally directed consciousness is by nature redirected inward.

However many do not recognise this inner shift and stay present with their external belief system with deities, angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and perceived external sources of guidance and direction.

Recognise deeply that there is no external energy guiding you. It is but a mental projection of your inner divinity onto an extrapersonal image, such as a guide or spirit, or intuitive voice. It is set in duality, and awareness is fragmented in the creation of an external emotional/mental image from which “you” receive information.

In truth there is but one undivided Awareness, without any characteristics or attributes of its own, without a voice or message. It is only the mind that derives meaning, significance or information out of that knowing beyond language, colored by our mental and emotional tendencies.

Channelled messages, intuitive readings and light language transmissions are often taken for truth and the external guidance may lead you forward but only to a limited degree. Such an unquestionable trust in the truth of the message is problematic since projecting inner divinity in any form, external or internal, creates a divide in the psyche, and this projection cannot replace the inner bliss that one must devote to and become, thus it cannot liberate one completely.

The message is always colored by the person’s own understanding, belief system and karmic filters, if one do not transcend this external source of divinity.

Channelling is also often based on our own subconscious voice like an alter ego coming out through the voice of a channelled entity as one may not be able to stand in their own voice hence using a projection to make themselves heard in a safe way.

Equally problematic is the fascination of channelling in the sense that it is strengthening and giving purpose and nuance to the egoself, who is loving its special gift and begin to identify as a ‘channel’, while being in connection to revered ascended masters further builds the feeling of being elect, a special someone.

“There are lots of capacities that can develop for someone who is awake. A person who has awakened may acquire the capacity to heal. Just being in the person’s presence may be healing for others. The ability to heal is, of course, a wonderful thing; it is a wonderful capacity to have. But if the ego structure rebuilds itself around being a healer, that itself will cause difficulties.For these reasons, it’s important not to become infatuated with this new level of energy. If we do become infatuated with various capacities that may arise—what are sometimes referred to as siddhis or spiritual powers—it can become another spiritual trap.Ultimately, if these powers do come, they come as gifts; they don’t come as something to grab hold of and reconstruct our sense of self around. In fact, many spiritual traditions warn students not to grasp at these powers, not to attempt to enhance them in any way. While there are many cautionary tales available, this doesn’t mean we should avoid these special gifts that can arise with awakening. The idea is to just let them be, as they are, as a natural part of the process.”


Entertaining, cultivating and adding value to any identity is the very opposite of transcendence and ascension, although when this has become the case it becomes blatantly clear what to let go of. It may be brutally challenging for the egoself, but very effective.

Art by Mear One

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