This practice can be done to energise any chakra (energy-center), or to energise and clear one of the three major knots in the subtle system; in the root chakra (the perineum), the heart chakra (middle of the chest) or in the ajna chakra (between the eyebrows). Though it is preferable to go through all centers in a systematic way from the bottom, moving up one center at a time.


Bring your attention to the chakra region you are working on in a way that the entire awareness is focused in the center of the spine.
Sense the energy of breath expand out through the center as you inhale inside/from the spine. Feel the flow of the energy contract inside on the center of the spine on the exhalation.
When working with the root or crown chakra, the energy moves up on the inhalation in case of root and down in case of crown, vice versa for the exhalation.


You may feel the chakra region has been energised by the previous method. As that happens simply allow the center to radiate out towards the boundary of the body and out through the skin. Eventually the sense of body boundary becomes loose, you may begin to feel the void of the center, the emptiness pulling energy like a black hole.

It may happen on its own accord that the above sensations of radiation and gravitation will become one combined phenomenon. The chakra now functions like a portal of energy flow, influx and outflow become one undivided whole.

You may move onto the next chakra when the energy starts to flow towards the center above.


This practice may bring up pain and pressure in and around the chakra center. Deeply suppressed thought patterns and associated emotions arise to the the conscious surface. One should allow what ever comes up to flow through, any resistance or holding on to this flow will cause damage. Also remember the goal is not catharsis, it is only a byproduct of this practice, so do not dig for emotions or over trigger certain chakras. The purpose here is to create a wave of energy, realign the flow and sweep the spine.