“There is no doubt that I am that God who is the Self of all; Pure, indivisible, like the sky. Naturally stainless.”
 -The Avadhoota Gita.

From un-manifest to manifest. Unity without union. All is sprung from the same source, that is Brahman with his ever shining formless and all-pervasive grace. Everything that is contained inside and outside of our universe also lies as latent forces of infinite possibility within the God-Self. When we experience ourselves as the eternal witnessing awareness behind superimposition of the senses, we drop engagements with changing surroundings and bring ourselves closer to the realization of our infinite divinity abiding as Self. 

Like the jewel in the lotus, the Self is found in the path of wisdom and as Vilāya (dissolution) of it. It is untainted consciousness that contains everyone, every being and non-being, everywhere, anywhere. It is pure beingness holding within itself all our individual sorrow, happiness, pain and love. 

There is no experience for anyone or anything that is not contained within the Self-consciousness, meaning that all that is created within and from it is also itself, pure Self-consciousness. God as God – Self as Self. In it there can ultimately be no contact or relationship between one and the other because it is to its very core one and the same. It is a union without divisions to unite, for it contains all. 

If there were to be a comparison to this divine union, it would be that of the boundaryless love between two beings where the one is dissolved in the two as the none. Let us say then that love lies behind and within all of life, form, experience etc. that we may perceive.

Now for this consciousness that is always resting as infinite aware Self, to simultaneously be having dual experiences as; me, you, dog, anger, stone, water, ..well anything that is, it must be so, that within all possibilities that are contained within human perception, they are also perceived within pure eternal Self. 


Desire, however it may or may not play out, is an indication that something can be fulfilled by something else. In the same way as a girl might desire approval and recognition from her parents, a man who feels unfulfilled in his relationship might desire another lover. We may for example desire for pain to disappear or for food to give us bliss. Desire implies wanting to change. And change implies that there is something that can be changed. In a similar way creation itself contains opposites or polarities. We can think of atoms, magnetic fields, men and women. In creation there is movement and exchange between negative and positive forces that together create a new intertwined field of existence. But let us not lose ourselves completely in this concept of creation for we have to keep in mind that there is something that not only underlies positive and negative force, but that is the very content of both. Again, all is both within and acting as one and the same love-consciousness-Self. But there is also the perceived reality that Self, when veiling itself with itself, (even though it is still pure undivided and untainted consciousness), also contains that which is unconscious and unconsciousness does not seem to be conscious.

Remember that the Self-consciousness is the witness that is stillness itself, in and beyond the change or movement. Resting as pure being like a mind that is perfectly still and free from sense-expression or invested in perceived feelings. When experience just IS as it is with no judging whatsoever, just as pure beingness-awareness, in the background to what is occurring in non-aware perception, then we are no longer in what can be experienced as a state of meditation. For this witnessing background is the only state, therefore it is not something we are coming in or out of. It is always isness and it is not separate from anything else. It is Us untainted by change or memory, beyond mental engagement. It is the “I am” and it is also prior to I am. Then experience cannot be experiential because there is nothing to compare with if you are abiding as and in the being (here) right now. Rest in that pure being. 


It is necessary to mention that while we can investigate the meaning of desire and our natural state of no desire, it is important to be present and accepting of all that is worldly. While recognizing what makes us uncomfortable or longing for change, one has to be careful in noticing the subtle but grand difference between wanting to surrender and surrender itself acting effortlessly on its own accord. Paths towards true yoga (union), and the effort that is invested towards it, are not to be disregarded. Quite the opposite, since we are looking out from our personal windows of perception, some will benefit greatly from being a jnani and some need the path of the Raja yogi. There are many paths towards realization and none of them are incorrect, for even though there exist many, they all in some way or another lead to surrendering to the Self. In the end of our searching all effort and the path itself dissolves. But as a child learns to crawl before it walks, the creation of the abyss and the crossing of it is as true and of God as God himself. 

Though you might not be able to drop everything at once and live in full acceptance immediately, there is the possibility to notice your mechanism and trust the present. At any moment when there is a desire to change, look at its content and its nature. As if you were zooming out the lens of a camera, remember your true Self, who at any given moment is here and beyond. Notice the eternal witness to be yourself and you will soon have gone straight to source, simply and effortlessly. When you have found yourself in the housing of your own being, there is only love. And the doer in your life-experience is no longer personal, there is no more gain or loss that can change who you truly are. You simply are. 

If you want to become full,
let yourself be empty.
If you want to be reborn,
let yourself die.
If you want to be given everything,
give everything up.
-Lao Tzu

When abiding in love, any act of will is an act of love. When the mind resides in heart, our personal orbit will take new shapes that resonate with and through our stateless state. An alchemical marriage that shatters the inherent concepts of duality. Within our dual perception there is comparison, it is a natural effect of it, but when you let go of comparing, there is just the experience, untainted by good or bad. This is acceptance and it is what makes acceptance effortless. Comparison also lies within desire and desire lies within comparison. It is not necessary to never want or need but there lies magic in acceptance and the knowing of who is needing. Think not of tomorrow or yesterday, if they appear, accept them now. Do not desire to stop you from desiring, simply dissolve it with the love that is its very source.

“What is imagined and willed becomes actuality –
here lies the danger as well as the way out.” 
– Nisargadatta Maharaj

Desire itself causes our very true state-less self to experience itself as a separate being in a world of change and duality, driven by our own nature of creation. If you are to notice what liberation or awakening to oneself might mean, then do not desire in search of an outcome imagined by the construct of a finite mind. Do not try to change the changeless, look at your pain, feel your sorrow and your love, but do not judge. Things will naturally become more still and acceptance will lead to surrender. You do not need anything. 

If you know the divine that you are and will always be, then there are no others and nothing that is not you. If you know this, desire itself will cease and you will be to all and every experience as you truly are – whole and loving infinity, with the possible play of a child, curious and accepting to all experience as the non-experience.

“Only now are you going your way to greatness.
Peak and abyss, they are now joined together,
for all things are baptized in a well of eternity,
and lie beyond good and evil”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

OM Brahma OM