A recurring phenomenon experienced by people who have an active Kundalini is that of contact with a disincarnate intelligence outside of oneself or encountering non physical external sentient beings such as spirit guides, angels, ET aliens. Most of the times it is observed as no more significant than itinerant insects flying around a person at dusk. Though some report being harassed by these entities, or as they call them demons, or dark malevolent spirits. There are also several instances where these lifeforms interact and conduct a proper conversation with the witness, this is easier accessible for someone who is under the influence of psychedelics or shamanic ritual medicines.

Entities are forms that seem to take on a sentient life of their own, apparently separate from the witness. This phenomenon is not something that happens as a matter of course with Kundalini Rising, so not everyone in their process will experience this definitely. If ones orientation is towards self-realisation and truth, then Kundalini is helpful and benign although certainly not without challenges. So if one thinks that awakening Kundalini will enable such an experience, it might not be always the case.


Kundalini as it rises and works through the energy centers brings all unresolved aspects of the psyche into consciousness, it breaks through our current paradigm and limited sense of identity. The activity of energy amplifies our own existential presence as it dissolves these limitations held within psyche. The greater enhanced presence of spirit is much larger than our current matrix of familiar structures, thus it is mistakenly interpreted as an alien entity, spirit guide or angelic god.

As our biological hardware is evolving and forming within Kundalini metamorphosis, we receive flashes of insight, sporadic informative voices spring from the intuitive faculty coming into conscious focus. It is easier to assign this to an extrapersonal entity, whereas what is really happening is emerging from the Self in its fullest potential requiring full ownership and embodiment.

Kundalini thins out the separation between the conscious sphere and the unconscious mind, the creation of this bridge between the two domains of our psyche enables a higher influx of never before accessible information in the form of inner voices and visions. Some voices are from a vibration way beyond our normal operating mode, others stem more from a lower condition of physical/emotional/mental distress. Some people are particularly wired more for voices, others for visions. These intrusions are just higher operations of the mind that we normally do not access due to the strict filtering structures of the ego.

Transference onto aliens or channeled entities, angels, is disownership of ones own alchemical process, soul and spirit. That which we do not accept and incorporate as our “own being,” we project out onto some disincarnate entity. It feels like a powerful force enacting on us from outside, sometimes seeming too great to endure, hence we project it outwards. Externalization of amplified presence ultimately forces the ego to reclaim the projections as its own, through the pain and suffering generated by the separation, the ego mechanism resolves the conflict due to which it initially projected.

“People are so alienated from their own soul that when they meet their soul they think it comes from another star system.”
—Terence McKenna


Mind has an ability of fragmenting an unresolved part of the psyche into deviating perspectives. These fragments are then embodied by manifestations or archetypes that reflect the nature of that part of the psyche, this is a mechanism mind follows so as to interact with the deviated fragment of the psyche and come to an undivided resolution internally.

“Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness. You are not separate from it, and there is no objective world out there. Every moment, your consciousness creates the world that you inhabit.”
-Eckhart Tolle

Like a receiver and processor of holographic information, the mind has a capacity to interpret 3 dimensional frequency & vibration, project them into 2 dimensional forms with rather great detail. The inner energetic movements of Kundalini, along with the previously uninhabited regions of bodymind which it animates, are projected as 2D thoughtforms or visions in the psyche. These manifestations, although seemingly separate, are our own psychic content and newly discovered regions of bodymind complex, taking shape of separate sentient beings sometimes as a full fledged humanoid. This is the only way our holographic mind can manifest and comprehend the unconceivable life force energy and its dynamics.

“We are all part of this great hologram called Creation, which is everybody’s SELF. It’s all a cosmic play, and there is nothing but you!”
-Itzhak Bentov

The mind which is a fractal hologram of the universe, creates another holographic image of itself, to comprehend and translate itself. Thus internal phenomenon happening inside the nervous system and psyche, like sparks in optical nerves, can be experienced as orbs. Internal bioelectric fireworks inside nerves take form and appear outside, similarly deep rooted patterns and persona takes shape of an entity.


There is one undivided field of energy, one seamless ocean of awareness. Within this limitless holographic pool of electromagnetic vibrations, this self arranging akashic field, there are varying densities and frequencies which condense and accumulate repeatedly on all levels, like an infinite fractal following the sacred geometric code. This gives the illusion of solidity, of things. On a more subtle frequency we have thought and emotions accumulated to form psychic things, or in other words entities.

There are also clouds of energy formed due to geomagnetic disturbances, thunderstorms, currents of moving rivers, charge density within mountains and other electromagnetic phenomenon within the atmosphere. Often these are perceived as spirits by those who are sensitive. The mythical cultures regarded them as sentient within themselves (though not self aware) and even prayed to and invoked these energies, they understood the interconnectedness of all existence. The sensitive mind comprehends these clouds of condensed energy as beings separate from itself, and thus continues the infant denial of their own existence as spirit.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
-Albert Einstein


Kriyas are involuntary movements that the body does by itself, to facilitate the flow of the Kundalini energy. They can range anywhere from tremors, vibrations or muscular twitches, to spontaneous yoga and altered breathing patterns. The movement of the Kundalini energy can feel like you are possessed, when this happens especially for people who get really unusual Kriyas like spontaneously and involuntarily singing ancient spiritual songs in foreign languages or doing ritual dances they did not learn in this lifetime. The wisdom that guides your process has the whole of human history and the collective consciousness to draw on, centuries of spiritual paths and rituals embedded in your DNA. If making you stand on your head, hyperventilate or do an ancient African dance is the best way to clear a blockage, then that is what you will find yourself doing. This is certainly not possession by an external entity, rather by the primal evolutionary spirit inherent in each beings biology.


This phenomenon of entity interaction tends to happen more so in people who are predisposed to internal psychic conflict, repressed emotions, unresolved feelings, childhood issues and traumas, in other words huge karmic load. The psychological as well as physiological stressors and contractions in the body also contribute greatly. Tensions in the gut brain or an underdeveloped pre frontal lobe would make one more suceptible to such internal division.

The entity most often reflects the inner state of the witness, as it is an actual projection of that state. If one holds fear, the entity will invoke that and take a terrifying wrathful form. If one holds guilt and shame, it will be a critical cynical voice. Though if one holds deep devotion towards the process of metamorphosis, the entity will take form of a benign loving god/goddess.

“There is a strange and horrible thing about one’s daemon: When honored and acted upon, it is indeed one’s guiding spirit; those who bear a god within bring genius to their work. When however, one’s daemon is heard but unheeded, it is said that the daemon becomes a demon, or evil spirit–divine energy and talent degenerates into self-destructive activity.”
-Ken Wilber

Shamans or Psychics and mediums who claim to see these entities in your aura might say that they are latched onto you and triggering these feeling, though it is the other way around. They will suggest protections and rituals and other perception-based shields against unintentional interaction with entities. Many of these were designed with a fearful or anger based defensive mechanism instilled within them intended to protect you against a threat. These may in fact attract a threat. This approach creates a further divide and separation and does not aid in resolution or coming to wholeness. Devotion, compassion and complete acceptance transforms the nature of interaction one has with their self created entities.

“Many saints in India have prayed to God to manifest as the Divine Mother or in the forms of various deities, and have had those prayers answered. When an advanced devotee’s devotion is strong enough to persuade God to materialize Himself in some specific aspect, as imagined by the devotee, the form assumed by that deity remains in the ether as a permanent “blueprint” and personality.”
-Paramahansa Yogananda

In Tibetan Buddhism there are depictions of wrathful deities that look like demons but they are images of personification of various emotions to be transformed and transcended. This means to transform emotions like anger, fear, shame and so forth into wisdom and compassion. We have to be able to allow into consciousness whatever feeling is wanting to express without acting upon it and be Present. Through acceptance feelings are healed. That means not going into some story about it, or indulging judgements of good or bad. In this way feelings like anger and so forth are transcended. Once unconscious suppressed feelings have been worked with in this way, they are healed once and for all, forever. Being fully Present also means that no more energy is tied up in suppression of feelings. This does not necessarily mean we will never feel anger, or any other feeling again but the quality is very different. Another aspect to the inner work is to be aware of beliefs both conscious and unconscious, that have been creating the life we experience.


The conscious realm of the psyche, while extremely important in its own right, is the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the unconscious realm. The unconscious consists of those psychic contents which one is unaware of and is divided into two main parts: the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. The personal unconscious, as the name suggests, is particular to each individual. It consists of events of one’s life that are deemed insignificant, are forgotten, or are repressed due to their distressing nature.

Deep in the psyche, beneath the layers of the personal conscious & unconscious, are other layers that have been formed over the millennia and in every member of our species. Here lies deposits of the experience of pre-human evolutionary forms. All of these layers form the collective unconscious. It is a vast information store containing the entire inheritance of religious, spiritual and mythological experiences of humanity. It parallels’s nicely with the metaphysical concept of an Akashic Records or Akashic Library. The Collective Unconscious is something we’re all tapped into but predates the formation of the human mind itself, as it is an intangible thing which does not reside within the brain itself. Yet we are all universally psychically plugged into it at different degrees.

“The unconscious is not individual but universal nature, that is, that in contrast to the individual psyche has contents and modes of behavior that are, the same everywhere and in all individuals. In other words, it is identical to itself in all men and thus constitutes a foundation of existing supra-psychic nature in every man.”

“Determining influences emanate from the unconscious, which, independently of tradition, guarantee in every single individual a similarity and even a sameness of experience, and also of the way it is represented imaginatively.”

“This is certainly not to say that what we call the unconscious is identical with God or is set up in his place. It is simply the medium from which religious experience seems to flow. As to what the further cause of such experience may be, the answer to this lies beyond the range of human knowledge. Knowledge of God is a transcendental problem.”
-Carl Jung

The collective unconscious is expressed through ‘archetypes’, universal thoughtforms, patterns or mental images that influence an individual’s feelings and action. These archetypes lie deeply embedded in our Causal Body and are available for the whole human race.

“Archetypes are forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths and at the same time as individual products of unconscious origin. Archetypes may be considered the fundamental elements of the unconscious mind. Hidden in the depths of the psyche they are systems of readiness for action and at the same time images and emotions. Indeed, they are its psychic aspect.”
-Carl Jung

These inherited ancient archetypes exist deep with the human psyche and heavily influence our psychophysical being. They are not memories of past experiences but “forms without content” representing the possibility of a certain type of perception and action. In the dreams and fantasies one can find ideas and images whose origins, cannot not be traced to the individual’s personal experiences. They offer a certain kind of readiness to produce the same or similar mythical ideas over and over again. They are not just deposits of experience but are also active agents that cause the repetition of these same experiences. The resemblance of these ideas to religious and mythical themes leads to refer to them as primordial images, archetypes often pay little heed to tradition or cultural rules, which suggests that they are innate projections.

“Archetypes are the ruling powers, the gods, images of the dominant laws and principles, and of typical, regularly occurring events in the soul’s cycle of experience.”
-Carl Jung

Archetypes have been expressed as myths and fairytales, and at a personal level in dreams and visions. In mythology they are called ‘motifs’, in anthropology ‘représentations collectives’. They are ‘elementary’ or ‘primordial’ thoughts that are expressed again and again in the cultures of tribal and folk peoples. But they are not simply of anthropological interest; usually without knowing it, archetypes shape the relationships that matter in our lives. Archetypal imagery emerges and reveals elements missing from conscious view. Archetypal experiences tend to be transpersonal in their impact upon personal development, for they are the eruption of archaic and timeless meaning into the personal world of the ego.

“Myths are Collective Dreams while your dreams are Personal Myths”
-Joseph campbell

Just as a body is structured by organs which are largely formed prior to birth, so the mind possesses psychic organs which structure it, i.e., the archetypes. Furthermore, just as the physical organs in most cases operate without one’s conscious awareness, so do the archetypes. And most importantly, just as adequately functioning physical organs are essential for a healthy body, a healthy mind is reliant on the proper functioning of the archetypes. We can meet them by going inward to our dreams or fantasies. We can meet them by going outward to our myths, legends, literature and religions. The archetype can be a pattern, such as a kind of story. Or it can be a deity figure, such as a kind of godly character.

“A deity is an archetype of our own deepest nature, our most profound level of consciousness”
-Lama Yeshe

“Gods are personifications of unconscious contents, for they reveal themselves to us through the unconscious activity of the psyche.”
-Carl Jung

Individual and society, or formulated in a psychological context, psyche and world, are not autonomous and separate entities, but between both there is a continuity, which leads to a series of interrelationships. Through this, both spaces are constantly reconstructed through a succession of images, internalized and projected again and again, in the continuum. The boundaries between the psyche and the world are permeable, traffic images and content. The self-referentiality, a dimension speculate on the “inside” and “outside”, are merely conventions.


Ultimately it’s all one undivided field of awareness. All is Self, all is mind, brahman is all there is. There is nothing outside of you, there is no “outside or inside”. All experience, including that of a bodymind and a separate entity is taking place in the field of awareness and is essentially comprised of awareness. One seamless pool of Akashic field, projecting and reflecting continuously and repeatedly.

There are no separate entities or objects anywhere in existence. Reality is one single boundaryless whole. In order to consider it to be made up of separate packets, all acting upon one another of their own free will, we first have to imagine ourselves to be one such an entity. In other words, entities and objects only seem to exist from the point of view of the imaginary entity that we consider ourselves to be. ‘Our own’ thoughts, feelings and actions are an inseparable ‘part’ of the whole.

Once we have seen clearly that these entity projections and the underlying uncomfortable feelings revolve around a non-existent entity we take ourselves as, they loose their power to terrify or overwhelm us. Once this has become clear we become indifferent towards them and can simply allow them to take their place within us. As the tensions in the bodymind complex, which have arisen as a result of our belief and feeling that we are separate and limited entities, are released, such phenomenal experiences may occur.

If we become fascinated with them then we simply re-identify ourself with a slightly subtler body and mind than was previously the case. In this case the psyche will still stay unresolved conflicted and divided between an inner reference point and the external world. Thus lack of satisfaction and contempt inherent in identifying ourself with anything less than unlimited presence will inevitably occur.

The way to counter our tendency to project the world outside and to reject uncomfortable feelings, is to allow and welcome all appearances and experience whithin ourself, while at all times maintaining a standpoint as awareness. In reality we don’t have to welcome anything within ourself, because everything is already within ourself. When this is clear, we simply allow things to be as they are, within ourself, as ourself.

“The more in contact we are with our depths, the more creative we will tend to be…Creativity creates the illusion of a self-contained creator, a somebody doing it, but in fact it births and delivers itself, if we will but give our permission. At essence, creativity bypasses egoity, though egoity may claim credit for creativity’s products. In the throes of pure creativity, we primarily exist as an intimate witnessing of — and space for — what is unfolding. We are then not the creator, but are simply present for, and also as, the creative process.” – Robert Augustus Masters


If we are unable to integrate and merge with our inherent divinity, this can lead to the energy of awakening remaining in the symbolic phantoms of our archetypal matrix. The elevated energetic activation of the underdeveloped regions of the brain running their own stories and captivating figments. If we can objectively gain distance from the content of our mind and emotions, we can move beyond this pitfall into deeper states of yoga.

Over time if the interpretation of the subjective experience of ones awakening remains in the mythic-archetypal realm, being possessed by the figments of alchemical imagination, one can spiral into prolonged metabolic and cognitive chaos. We must accept these new levels of awareness and physiological condition as coming from “us” and not from an alien entity or God. That is we must claim responsibility for our Self as it incarnates at an accelerated pace and not project the cause of our condition onto external people, entities or events.