No. Since All experiences are forms of inner kriyas, caused by prana energy moving through and dissolving tension in the subtle body. Kriyas occur as kundalini encounters and clears these tensions or karmic blocks, it is a re-calibration of the energetic system. Each individual being has a unique set of karmic accumulation, a unique vibration template, thus every individual goes through their unique set of experiences. Though some aspects of the experiences may overlap and coincide, no two individuals experience it from the same perspective and hence no one can ever actually experience what you do.

To seek validation of your experience through comparing it with that of others means you are seeking approval from outside. Sometimes its good to assure you are not going crazy and alone in the process, but to know its kundalini working and still depend on external confirmation is very limiting.

“If you are going to do inquiry you have to stand in the authority of your own experience. You can’t be looking for a definition of your true being that you have heard about.”


The most beautiful states, no matter how sublime and blissful or terrifying and depressive, are transitory and shall pass. The need to study or analyse these experiences is a misdirected curiosity of the ego, a need to define and formulate meaning around them comes from the egoic mind which wants to grasp and rationalize it all as objects. The mind wants to understand, to make sense out of, form a structure around, classify and categorize a process which cannot ever be completely defined through any model or framework. We should keep in mind while trying to analyse such phenomenon, that the very understanding we apply to rationalize and comprehend Kundalini & awareness is a borrowed faculty from kundalini itself. So this attempt is like a dog chasing its own tail.
“It doesn’t matter how profound a vision is or how wonderful the kriyas, or the kundalini, or the bliss. No matter how beautiful the spiritual experience is, it is only an experience, and experiences come and go. Freedom is found only in that which does not come and go. If it doesn’t come and go, that means that it’s present now. When you have a beautiful spiritual experience and then seem to lose it, ask yourself: What was present then that is still present now? Then you know where to put all of your attention, all of your dedication, and all of your heart. Don’t put it anywhere else. You are that permanence which contains all becoming and all be-going.”
We also often try to find the cause of such experiences so as to either recreate the desirable phenomenon or avert the difficult ones. We attribute the experience to a certain practice or a technique applied or maybe even various situations in life. Althought the situations may have acted as catalysts and triggers, In actuality all phenomenon are causeless, there is no meaning or reasoning behind their occurence, there is no purpose to it all. It is simply the way nature is evolving and consciousness experiencing itself. To attach a personal story or relationship to such ephemeral occurences, strengthens the ego identity, one even starts to feel superior or elect, claiming to have had a ‘spiritual awakening enlightening experience’. Many even reach a saturation due to this and close themselves down from further growth, it hinders the natural unfolding of the kundalini process.
“If I tell you my experience, I’ll think ‘I’ had it. Spiritual experiences are ego.”
Swami Prakashananda


Truth is not something “out there.” It is not something you will find as an object of perception or as a temporal experience. The curiosity and need to comprehend are a neverending loop, and ultimately the mind needs to rest in the unkown and thus it is afraid to lose its grip of the known. It is afraid of its impending anhhilation into the void of awareness and so it tries to understand the unknowable unmanifest through making sense of all such experiences along the way.
The Unknown is vaster than the sky, uninterupted peace without fluctuation of thought, which is ultimate freedom, and beyond minds capability to grasp. The mind loses its significance when it settles and rests in the unknown; and thus it tries to make sense through analysis of energetic phenomenon.

“The very desire to be certain,to be secure, to have permanency, is the beginning of bondage. The continuity of permanence is sought in every direction, in virtue, in relationship, in action, in experience, in knowledge, in outward and inward things. To find security and be secure is the everlasting cry. It is this insistent demand that breeds fear. It’s only when the mind is not caught in the net of certainty,and is not seeking certainty, that it is in a state of discovery.”
-Jiddu Krishnamurti


Perception and experience are enabled only in the waking state, a temporary state, and thus they cannot be taken as the ever present, permanent truth. There are an infinite number of states or stations of perception, it is essential to point out these states or stations specifically because it is easy for people involved in spiritual practice to get stuck and Nest in and eventually believe that these particular states are or should be real, permanent!
“In the mirror of your mind all kinds of pictures appear and disappear. Knowing that they are entirely your own creations, watch them silently come and go. Be alert, but not perturbed. This attitude of silent observation is the very foundation of yoga. You see the picture, but you are not the picture.”
-Nisargadatta Maharaj
The important thing to appreciate is that all experiences require an experiencer, a knower. All experiences are perceiver/ knower dependent, they require a vehicle/ apparatus. Without a knower-knowledge-knowingness-known there can be no experiences. The knower-knowledge-knowingness is a subtle perception, eventually to be discarded.
“Anything you can know or know about you cannot be, therefore discard it.”
-Nisargadatta Maharaj
From where are you viewing or experiencing that knowledge, information or knowingness?
You never want to nest or hold on to any perception. The point of reference from which you perceive the world, the body-mind and even the perceiver viewing from “within” a location, all must dissolve and be let go. Any point of view or point to view from are experiences to be discarded.