Facts about Kundalini Shakti

– Is the divine within, the Holy Spirit, our inner spiritual director.
– Exists within every human being in a released or unreleased state.
– Is revered as the means for spiritual growth in human beings.
– Requires our informed cooperation, skilled support, and spiritual intent.
– Follows the natural laws of subtle body physics and is dependent on our choices.
– Is a sacred power whose process can be improved by spiritual methods.
– Requires having a trained mind and energy system to advance spiritual growth.
– Is safe, beneficial, and transformative when understood spiritually.
– Can be misused and abused by naive or non-spiritual people.
– May yield some discomforts if not properly supported.
– Manifests in many different ways: subtle, extraordinary, blessed.
– May be released and active in a person without their realizing it is.
– Can be released by spiritual methods, life shock, or in a previous birth.
– Can correct blocked process and the resulting strain on the subtle system.
– Is the source of spiritual seeking, inspiration, awareness, discernment, and love.
– Is the essential spiritual science held within all spiritual traditions.
– Is known by many different names in the world’s spiritual paths.

Misconceptions about Kundalini Shakti

– Is just an exotic energy that can be quite unpredictable and unruly.
– Is a very rare event resulting in enlightenment or in difficult symptoms.
– Is always an intense experience with many remarkable features.
– Is risky, probably dangerous, possibly debilitating.
– Leads to a spiritual emergency with odd energy and mental problems.
– Is a pathology to be subdued, treated, and eliminated.
– Can be easily manipulated or fixed with energy work or visualizations.
– Can be made to go away by using lots of external focus and behavior.
– Always gives a feeling of energy going up the spine with inner fireworks.
– Always ascends through a central channel, sequentially opening each chakra.
– Is best utilized to develop special powers, genius, psychic ability, etc.
– Is occult or of the devil; results from bad luck or God’s wrath.
– Might be sexy, is released by sex, enhances sex.
– Is a special path in itself or is just a particular style of hatha yoga.
– Is a yogic or Hindu thing only and cannot happen to others.
– Should be avoided by westerners.
– Automatically makes a person spiritual or virtuous.