Technique To Activate The Heart Center

Once the kundalini is active and flowing up through the sushumna, this practice can be adopted to complete its downward cycle from the crown, through the frontal channel. This completes the toroidal loop of the flow and establishes kundalini in its final destination, that is the heart. It is an expansive yet centering experience of being established in the heart space. This downward flow is many a times accompanied by a shower of prana, which is felt as divine grace, a wave of bliss, nectar dripping down the spine many a times referred to as Amrita, ambrosia, food of the gods and chrism/ christos (claustrum oil).
Feel, imagine, sense, visualize or bring awareness to the crown region of your being. You may imagine a lotus opening or simply become aware of the space, a few inches above the crown. As you establish in this non dual space time awareness, observe the bodymind from that point of perception, as if looking down in your body from above.
When the awareness operates from this region, the light of perception descends down on the crown and falls on the third eye, which then gets flooded with awareness as well. Steady awareness in the crown region opens it up with an infinity of divine grace gathered eager to pour down in a steady stream all through the body without an effort, if simply allowed, as if pouring through a funnel.
Still presence and static awareness dawns as the bubbling, prickly, warm and soft energy fills and expand the central column of the body. The top of the crown feels like a shower head instead of a funnel as there is more opening of the cranial region. Blissful awe, still knowing and presence envelope the being in a divine embrace.
Letting go and surrendering to the perhaps unusual sensations is the key to enable more flow. This may demand for more psychological & physiological acceptance which then turns the mind silent and the beauty of presence is all there is left.
Allow grace to pool in the heart center, acknowledging every aspect of being, bathing every cell in bliss, nurturing the human aspects and with love & acceptance expanding within and far outside confines of the body, in boundless presence. Let the breath and Heart beat sync with continued rising and downpour of the energy.
Nest into Samadhi.