With the activation and eventual awakening of kundalini, one gets access to huge amounts of prana, our vital life force starts to flow through the subtle body in a much higher volume. The increased flux of prana also increases the subtle sensitivity of body, it hieghtens intuition and empathic abilities of tapping into other’s emotional/mental state. This is where ones healing capacity, psychic abilities or extra sensory perception start to develop naturally.

The excess prana available seeks an outlet of expression and creativity, as is its nature, and so the recently awakened who discover their newfound abilities are keen on exploring more. Instead of cultivating the energy and diving deeper into stillness, instead of immersing oneself in their essence and find out what is it that they truly are, the untrained mind depletes this capacity by indulging excessively in the external world. The available prana is dissipated into healing others and creating modalities around it. One creates a mission, a purpose and often land up in the messiah complex of saving the world, healing the world, before having saved themselves from the illusion of the world.

“After a stretch of sadhana, immature seekers become charged with energy and frantically seek an outlet. They organize communities, become teachers of Yoga, marry, write books – anything except keeping quiet and turning their energies within, to find the source of the inexhaustible power and learn the art of keeping it under control.”
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

The abilities in themselves are miraculous no doubt, it is a wonderful gift and also a huge responsibility. Though in most cases where the initiate is not guided and begins to spread the energy too soon, the ego structure rebuilds itself around being a ‘healer’. One begins to think that it is ‘Me’ who is doing the healing, there is pride and superiority as well as ownership of the spontaneously arising ability. Some go further ahead to create a spiritual resume of all the techniques and abilities they have aquired. If we do become infatuated with various capacities that may arise—what are sometimes referred to as siddhis or spiritual powers—it can become another spiritual trap.

“Our vast collections of knowledge and experience are just part of ego’s display, part of the grandiose quality of ego. We display them to the world and, in so doing, reassure ourselves that we exist, safe and secure, as “spiritual” people.”
― Chögyam Trungpa, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

The whole concept of enlightenment is to let go of the sense of being a separate self and surrender to the divine will. The attempt to perfect a naturally occuring ability in order to serve the noblest of agendas is to reinforce that illusiory sense of self. It is to enforce a sense of being in control and being the ‘doer’ of the healing. Most concept around the phenomenon of healing and Extra sensory perception are based in duality, there is a subject to be healed or guided and a separate ‘I’dentity channeling ‘energy/information’ from a source they are ‘connected’ to. Modalities which create and promote this sense of separation are not based in the highest truth and thus become limiting beliefs.

Healing through prana/ chi/ reiki, is but a temporary fix to a deeper issue. The energy worker can only focus on the surface of the pain, and though it may subside for a while, the discomfort or disease often arise back at the same or different locations. This is because the underlying cause is a deeply settled karmic blockage which cannot be pierced through with prana transmission only.

It does not matter however efficient the healing technique or modailty or how powerful the healer, it is essentially an active or awakened kundalini that heals deep rooted blocks and realigns our subtle body. A healer facilitates your own bodies natural capacity to heal, which comes from an active kundalini. Kundalini is what moves prana, and it is the basis of health and vitality. Kundalini flows to the region where healing is needed, without the need to direct it, it does so with its own intelligence and at its own acccord.

Healing through prana can in some rare case also trigger a layer of kundalini to shoot up, and this can be damaging if it enters a channel prematurely or if it goes wayward instead of its natural direction due to the prana interference. If the one working with energy is not familiar with kundalini, or stable within their own kundalini clearing process, this can cause disorientation for both involved. Despite the best efforts to ground and clear, there is karmic exchange of blockages and state of vibration. There is energetic resonance involved in all such interactions.

Ultimately, if these powers do come, they come as gifts; they don’t come as something to grab hold of and reconstruct our sense of self around. In many esoteric schools of enlightenment these siddhis are seen as a pitfall on path to be well aware of and never seek or grab on to, as it is what most often causes one to fall from grace. There are many cautionary tales conveying not to attempt to enhance abilities in any way.

“These powers are accomplishments for the mind that is outgoing but obstacles to samadhi.”

While there are many dangers with giving healing too soon, this doesn’t mean we should avoid these special gifts that can arise with awakening. It is perfectly natural for this healing capacity to flow through your presence without the need for a technique or effort, it will flow as love to those around you if simply allowed through the heart space. The idea is to just let this ability be, as it is, as a natural part of the process.