What you are describing is kriya-shakti’s activity. It digs out the samskaras, impressions in the psyche (mind-field), tension and knots in the body, and blockages in subtle energetic circuit. This process is responsible for the production of various physio-psycho-spiritual phenomena.

Shakti is bringing out all these to surface in order to resolve the tension and knots, so it will all seem to be enhanced before it is cleared, and it will be cleared no doubt. All types of modifications and fluctuations of the mind (vrittis), will be erased and brought to stillness. They will lose their power and grip, and shakti will balance the flow with its own intelligence. This is your body-mind that is getting purified so it can be a container for divinity. It is ok to feel overwhelmed initially, with time there will be integration, trust the process.

Shaktipat accelerates this process further more and pierces through barriers that one cannot go through on their own. It is like a catalyst for Kundalini evolutionary biology.

You do not have to do anything, at all, stay uninvolved, indifferent and without reacting or resisting anything, allowing sadhan (process) to unfold. Amids all this process, remember, you are at all times, that awareness, and that alone. You are that on which the arising, the appearence of this phenomenon is happening spontaneosuly, by itself.

As infinite eternal awareness you are always undisturbed, unaffected and unmoved. Allow everything and don’t identify with what is perceived or felt. The very fact you can perceive all the transient phenomenon, means that it is not the truth of your etrenal unchanging being, you are not the content of perception. Know that all symptoms are temporary. Stay calm in your center, patient and devout, and support you physical body with healthy sattvic diet, ground yourself everyday after the daily sadhan, also hydrate yourself, and simply water the plant, the rest will be taken care of.

Many Blessings & Love