Awakening of Kundalini energy marks the onset of the spiritual awakening process.

Kundalini is what unfolds ones capability to experience expanded states of consciousness, clear psychological & physiological blockages. It unleashes evolutionary mechanism and accelerates all biological processes, enabling higher brain function.

This process leads to Enlightenment and Self-Realization, establishing the being in non dual bliss awareness, Truth.

Siddha Yoga

The unique perspective of Siddha Maha Yoga is that since Kundalini is an intelligent force it will, upon awakening, naturally & effortlessly direct the practice of the seeker. All that is required is that the initiate completely surrender to this force. As a result of kundalini’s unfoldment spontaneous purifying movements, called kriyas will occur.

In addition, the practices of Hatha, Laya and Jnana Yoga will naturally manifest in a spontaneous fashion according to what is most suited for the seeker. It is propitiated from within by the workings of the energy.

Since all other yogas naturally manifest as a result of Kundalini awakening this yoga is called Mahayoga meaning great yoga. Since the Kundalini awakening is induced by a perfected being or Siddha this yoga is called Siddha Mahayoga. Since all other yogas and their results occur spontaneously Sahaja and without effort this yoga is also called Sahaja Yoga.

There are many spiritual practices that are generally recommended, including maintaining subjective non dual awareness, meditation, chanting, Satsang and living the teachings.

Often one gets attached to these practices, and they become the limitations instead of tools for realisation of Self. To attain liberation, all practice has to be let go eventually.

These activities that you can perform always involve a sense of doership which is the cause of accumulation of karmic impressions in the mindbody field.

In the presence of a Siddha master though, all such practices involving mechanical effort and voluntary doership are rendered useless.

As the Siddha injects a current of Divine Power (Shaktipat) into the subtle body of the aspirant, igniting and releasing their inner prana (life force). This prana then works freely, generating the various yogic processes – asanas, mudras, pranayamas.

Kundalini is harnessed in a more direct way and the need to perform alot of redundant practices is overcome.

There is no conscious effort or sense of doership involved in these spontaneous yogic processes. One watches as a witness as the intelligent life force directs its own path.

The workings of the Kundalini Energy thin the Self-limiting Karmic impressions and conditioning stored in the mindbody by converting them into Kriyas (involuntary movements). With this, the binding tendencies that limit one’s consciousness are lifted.

Whatever path one may follow, it is inevitably through the release of prana that one enters deep meditation and ultimately, Union with God, Samadhi.


Awakening of Kundalini through Shaktipat Deeksha Initiation is at the heart of Siddha Yoga.
It is an ancient Vedic, as well as Tantric, science which entails transfer or flow of energy to set ablaze, as well as give direction to, Kundalini.

An enlightened Siddha Yogi, a being with an Awakened Kundalini who has completed the path of the energy,

acts as a channel for the transmission of this cosmic spiritual energy into the aspirant, initiating their own inherent flow of Kundalini.


No vigorous practice or forceful techniques required. No study or routines or prior conceptual knowledge. All one has to do is sit & surrender. Simply letting go in meditation.



Automatic spontaneous yoga unfolds by itself. Asana, pranayam, kriyas & mudras manifest according to the unique constitution of the individual. A natural detox & Karmic clearing process is initiated. 


Kundalini gets activated through sympathetic resonance between the adept & initiate. Immersion in the field of presence helps one to get established in their natural state of non dual Awareness, Samadhi.