The heart is the primary organ in the body, even prior to the brain. It is the first to form in a human embryo. The organism is developed and spirals out into manifestation within the toroidal field of the heart. The ElectroMagnetic field of the heart is larger than that of the brain and the scalar morphogenic field spreads out even farther. The heart is a hologram for the entire neuro-musculature of the body and it is the zero point of the scalar vortex field which produces our sense of self, sense of gravity.

As kundalini enters the cardiac region, the process of metamorphosis forces the heart muscle to release tension and relax so that its made more permeable to energy flow. The upgrade is to enable a higher capacity of subtle vibrations to flow through the energetic system. The expansion and contraction of the cardiac muscles may repeat successive cycles during phases of awakening till the heart field reaches its maximum capacity.


-Palpitations, a sensation that your heart has skipped a beat or added an extra beat. It may feel like your heart is racing, pounding, or fluttering. You may become overly aware of your heartbeat and may even notice changes in blood pressure which causes fatigue.

-Extreme amounts of pleasure, love, compassion, devotion. The current of bliss radiates as heat and burns away the limited ego and one may go through panic, anxiety, emotional purging and loss of cognitive function.

-The EMF and scalar field is amplified, one may feel an increase in gravity, the earths pull on body mass becomes intensified and one may experience warping of reality.

-Variation in bioelectric potential causes phenomenon with electrical and electronic equipments, power lines, radio/ microwave/ wifi signals, as well as the weather.

-The expanded EMF and scalar field also have an effect on animals and humans, they are naturally drawn and experience love, bliss, in the presence of this field.

-The amplified heart field and the associated heart-brain entrainment increases Out of body experiences, Extra Sensory Perception, deeper intuitive insight, higher states of awareness and supersensoral abilities that are prevalent at this time.

-The amplified heart and the opening of new areas of the brain, or the new synergy of parts working in greater unison, leads to a melting of the former being and a surrender to the bliss of transmutation.


One cannot contain the bliss and ecstacy without consciously integrating it. The intensity of the pleasure literally forces one to surrender, any emotional or mental resistance turns this bliss into pain. Surrender, Gratitude and devotion are thus keys to consciously to allow and accept pleasure sensation of ecstasy and enhanced awareness.

Any malice hesitation, agenda, resistance, divisiveness, rebellion, lust, usery or other ulterior motive creates tension and extreme pleasure becomes an intolerable pain. If we are passive and ungrateful toward the enormous overwhelming influx of Love and Light during ecstasy then we will feel self pity even in extreme rapture.

Other than the practical methods for the metabolization of extreme bliss, such as breathing, circulating energy, grounding, taking baths, drinking plenty of water and electrolytes, there is a need to widen the size of the vessel by circulating the energy to others. If we try to keep the ecstasy contained within the narrow confines of our body and normal personality we run into great difficulty. When wewiden the circumference of self then we have more room in which the energy can flow and the pressure and isolation of extreme states of ecstasy are relieved. Thus compassion, sending love and blessings, devotional service to guru and others are essential.