Kundalini awakening is both nature’s compensatory healing crisis for life-negating damage, as well as an evolutionary progression that occurs after development reaches a threshold. Awakening is thus an attempt to eradicate harmful repressive brain wiring and force rapid integration to bring the organism up to its innate evolutionary potential and in tune with its contemporary environment.

The disparity between old and new neural constructs gives rise to a tension which initiates a recalibration. At the same time, layers of accumulated impressions express their mental, emotional, physical or energetic characteristics. The incapability to integrate body, emotion, mind and soul builds the karmic circumstances through which the central nervous system is brought to threshold of metamorphosis. This process then dissolves the psychosomatic stress.

The interrelationship of the aspects of ourselves, in our environment and in concert with cosmic unfolding, constitutes the journey of life.

Prenatal period forms the original template according to the morphogenic code (acquired DNA). The birth experience then causes this synthesised template to come into creation. The overall experience of the fetus transforming from an aquatic to air breathing being, passing through a small passage with a very high chance of death, is the first experienced trauma. The bodies release chemicals to anesthetize the excruciating pain enough so that the tissues are also able to release the tension at the same time.

The being now learns to modulate emotions to adaptively meet the demands of their body as well as the environment. The being strategically regulates in stressful situations and bonds with the primary caregiver.
Years of socio-emotional development built in direct response to earlier stage shapes the ability of the being to experience and express love and consciousness.

Differential in growth promotes a psychosomatic tension between the old patterning and the new, which is felt as yearning and seeking in order to fill out the gap left by insufficient experience of love and consciousness. The ego construct which inhibits the experience in the first place, sets out to resolve this potential difference.
This tension forces the individual to go on a spiritual journey. The conscious ego yearns to find the external situations and experiences that trigger dissolution/reconstruction.

Then there has to be a disinhibition or letting go of the general adaptation patterns. The psychic tension itself can trigger this penetration of repressive mechanisms. Other triggers include–romantic love, proximity to or shaktipat from a Guru, drugs, acute shock, spiritual practices etc.
A flowering of consequences occurs in a massive cataclysmic release of the tension stored in the growth differential. This alchemical release reconstructs and recalibrates the entire neural mapwork.

Followed by dissolution of former structures and patterns–meltdown, collapse, crisis, Dark Nights, die-offs, depressions. The various kinds of dark night have their own specific chemistry that is in perfect correspondence to their associated stages leading to the awakening event .

New contemporary networks are built and substantiated with use, showing greater networking and integration between the parts. With the restructuring of the primary matrix, the energy differential causing tension is resolved, leading to non-seeking and equanimity.