Ideas such as the ones mentioned in previous blogs in this series (“Ascension is to embody the Higher Self”, “Enlightenment is to be peaceful”, or be rid of the Ego, “I am connected to Source”, “Channelling guidance”, “Doing Lightwork for the New Earth”, “Remembrance of and identification to past life times” etc) are concepts of the mind made real. For many indigos, Lightworkers and star seeds, this will be manifesting in very real ways through extraordinary energetic experiences with aliens, star beings, ascended masters, angels etc.

But consider how Enlightenment is liberation from the illusion of identifying with the I-thought, and thus how all the identities, concepts and ideas of the world that come with it, is cultivating and enhancing the illusion. It may feel like it is bringing you toward and through ascension, but it is not the most direct path.

These ideas are actually blocking the ascension because when you cultivate concepts of mind, the false identification with the I-thought only strengthens. When you project these concepts onto reality, you are dissipating essential kundalini flow instead of directing it inwards towards dissolution of the dream and illusion.

Instead, if you would drop all the ideas of mind and inquire into the self, and investigate deeply within your sense of I AMness, you would realise the misperception, the illusion of the egoself, and actualize an even grander potential and contribution.

It is not done by acquiring mental understanding, but by surrendering the false idea of the self. It is dropping all knowing and dissolving “the one who knows” into the ocean of unknown.

“What effort can an illusory, conceptual “I” make to know its true Self? What effort can a shadow make to know its substance? Realising your true Self requires no phenomenal effort. It happens when it is given an opportunity to do so, when obstruction by conceptualization ceases. It appears when it is given a vacant space to appear in.”

Nisargadatta Maharaj

The vacant space Nisargadatta Maharaj is speaking of, is the space of unknown, where the mind doesn’t know. Where these concepts are no longer describing reality for you and you can rest in the not-knowing, which is a very very potent space to be. Here True Being can shine forth.

Art by Shawn Hocking

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