The electric charge of kundalini increases significantly when the sexual fluids are channeled up the spine. Retention of hormonal fuel helps build up the required charge to ionise the spinal fluids in males.

The energy release through ejaculation is a lower octave expression of spiritual life force, transmuted and allowed to move up properly, piercing through chakras, it can catapult the energetic potential to its peak.

In case of females, there is rarely an external release of fluids hence no energy is lost, yet if the sexual potential is not channeled up, it does not aid the ascent of kundalini.

As the quintessence begins to rise up and circulate within the energy system, a wave of bliss courses through exfoliating all blocks and channels. The hormonal fluids when ample in amount, reach the threshold capacity of the spine to contain them.

The fluids then begin to drip, showering down from the bottom of the crown and can be experienced as subtle pranic energy emanating a full body orgasm, breaking down muscle armoring and releasing nervous tension.

This sublimation and precipitation of spinal fluids releases a fully integrated physical, erotic, volitional, emotional, expressive, conscious human/divine bliss, also called the divine nectar of immortality, ambrosia or amrita.

Of all the precepts, the call to brahmacharya is the least understood and the most feared by Westerners. Commonly translated as celibacy, Brahmacharya was intended to encourage yogis to use their energy for a higher purpose than for external desires. Hence, the definition of Brahmacharya as the “right use of energy.”

Practicing Brahmacharya means that we use our sexual energy to regenerate our connection to our spiritual self. Brahma literally means the ‘divine consciousness’ and charya, means ‘living’ or ‘one who is established in’.

A literal definition of the fourth yama becomes not ‘celibacy’, nor ‘moderation’, but ‘being established in divine consciousness’, or ‘being established in the higher (form of the) mind’. Or even, ‘walking with God’- being One with everything.

It may be easier to understand Brahmacharya if we remove the sexual designation and look at it purely as energy. Brahmacharya means merging one’s energy with God to be able to experience this state and sustain it.

This is why abstaining from loss of energy through sensory pleasure seeking is advised against as it not only subjugates us to primal instincts, the body has to work to restore the lost fluids at a higher rate than they naturally get replenished.

While self restraint from compulsive behaviour aids the ascent of kundalini, denying sexual expression hinders the flow. We cannot eradicate this life cycle and get rid of our existential features.

The Tantric path does not dismiss or discard the body, infact the gross material creation is seen as condensed consciousness. Thus the practice aims at directing the sexual force up the spine and advises against release of semen or climax from the genitals.

The practices teach how to use sex to raise kundalini and yet not lose fluids through a sustained prolonged whole body orgasm.

Realisation of self is integration of all aspects and bringing them to conscious so they do not control our impulses. Thus, a healthy balance is the key.

Once a person reaches the threshold point, an equilibrium of energy, one can recycle the fuel through, taoist injaculation techniques of locking the perineum gate, or moola Bandha as in yogic terminology or with help of a right tantric partner.

At this point sex becomes divine, an act of meditation.