“By thinking of any topic or concentrating on any subject, the seeds of the subject or object get embedded in us. Doing prayers, meditation, asana, pranayama, going on pilgrimage, reading or recital etc. which gives one pride that “I am the doer” are all covered in Sadhana.

In Sadhana, the accumulated seeds of past action (Samskaras) from outside is accumulated in the Chitta (mind-stuff).

For example if the aspirant meditates or does Japa of a deity, when his thoughts mature, the aspirant sees the worshiped deity appearing in front of himself (an apparition or projection of his own creation) which is nothing but the interplay of his mind field (Chitta), and thus creates further more accumulated seeds (!) and he is happy.

Sadhan is to wean out or remove from within these accumulated seeds of the past action which is possible only when the divine Shakti turns inward and becomes active. At this point one should give up their Sadhana, the prayers or meditation wherein you forcibly concentrate, and surrender to the Divine Shakti and sit for Sadhan.

Doing Japa, meditation, prayer etc with a purpose will again fill the Chitta with further seeds of action, when the purpose of Sadhan is to wean out the accumulated seeds of past action and make it (Chitta) pure. (…) When the Shakti is directed towards the inner consciousness, it cleanses the soul of the accumulated seeds of past actions.“

-Swami Shivom Tirth

An Active Kundalini is clearing out imprints from within and eventually blossoms in Samadhi, the dissolving of individual consciousness into Cosmic consciousness – Enlightenment/Self realization.

Self realization is the recognition of the true nature of Self, where the illusion of individuality and the sense of “I” dissolves.

Thus, letting go of practices and doership and any therefrom acquired sense of identity is greatly beneficial towards this recognition.

If after awakening of Kundalini one persists with performing Sadhana, kriyas may persist instead of clearing out Karma, and identity will be reinforced instead of thinning out.

Instead, allow Sadhan to happen for a more easeful energetic clearing of karmic imprints as well as an accelerated spiritual insight. The divine presence is in the absence of ‘you’, only when this ‘you’ is ready to surrender into nothingness/everythingness, the divine presence flows forward.

The lesser involvement ‘you’ have in the kundalini process, the smoother and faster the Divine realization blossoms.