There are asymmetrical crystals in the pineal gland that are ‘piezo-electric’ – that is, they send out electronic voltage creating EM waves. Whenever a person is exposed to an EMF (electro-magnetic field) such as that of the earth the gland vibrates, sending out EM signals to the rest of the body.

When the pineal gland is stimulated geo-magnetically it produces alkaloids similar to plant psychedelics (Tryptamines which resemble DMT ) . Any strong change in the earth’s EMF will produce a rush of psychedelics in our bodies enabling us to be more psychically active in shamanic states (earth/ land receptive). The pineal gland is affected by coherent EM fields and it changes its hormone production when exposed to EM at low levels. As the earth has the greatest effect of any force on our physiology it makes sense that the cells of our body and brain align with it. All life within the envelope of earth’s vibrational influence attempts to match base-frequencies.

Meditation evokes pineal Tryptamine release through implosion EM vibrations. Visionary experience with symbolic or religious content gives way to dazzling light of illumination, reported in eastern and western religions. Meditation modulates pineal activity, eliciting a standing wave through resonance effects that coordinates other brain centers with both chemicals and electromagnetism. Resonance is induced in the pineal gland using electric, magnetic, or acoustic energy, re-synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a chain of synergetic harmony that releases DMT like substance, an endogenous psychedelic. The pineal contains high levels of enzymes and building-blocks for DMT, which may be secreted when inhibitory processes cease blocking its production with other chemicals, such as beta-carbolines which magnify and prolong DMT effects. DMT is the source of visionary Light in transpersonal experiences. Its primary source, the pineal, has traditionally been referred to as the Third Eye. Curiously, this gland is light sensitive and actually has a lens, cornea, and retina. DMT production is particularly stimulated in the extraordinary conditions of birth, sexual ecstasy, childbirth, extreme physical stress, near-death, psychosis, and physical death, as well as meditation. Pineal DMT may also play a significant role in dream consciousness.

Meditative techniques using sound, sight, or awareness may generate particular wave patterns whose fields induce resonance in the brain. Millennia of human trial and error have determined that certain ‘sacred’ worlds, visual images, and mental exercises exert uniquely desired effects, causing multiple systems to vibrate and pulse at certain frequencies. When our minds and bodies resonate with these spiritual exercises the pineal begins to ‘vibrate’ at frequencies that weaken its multiple barriers to DMT formation and release.