Kundalini shakti is the flux of Awareness and its flow can be directed through aligning with the will of this energy. The practice of this technique is based on shifting the focal point of consciousness into the uninhabited regions of the mind and subtle bodies, thus creating a vacuum which is then flooded by kundalini and reanimated with this influx of life force.
The focused pin pointed consciousness illuminates the dark recesses and paves the way for shakti kundalini to spatially occupy the vacuum of the spinal column. Shakti then radiates towards the physical boundary encompassed by the body, till all surfaces dissolve and only uninterrupted bliss/ awareness remains.
Notice the body is breathing by itself without an effort on your part, it is a self regulating rhythm. Simply observe and do not interfere with the flow. Follow the breath and become aware of the gaps in between inhale and exhale. You will now feel the gaps becoming longer, and during the halt you will be sensually embodied within the boundary of your skin.
On the inhalation feel/ sense/ know/ visualize/ imagine the awareness expand as if its being drawn from the space around the body or the perceived boundary of your skin. On the exhalation simply let go and you may feel the awareness radiate out through the boundary. During the inhalation the energy grows in size and intensity and so does your sense of body boundary.
On the out-breath you let go of anything that you are holding on to and merge with flow in and around the body. Eventually a rhythm develops and you sense the body’s boundary dissolve. The sensory expansion and radiation of awareness becomes more tangible, and the duality of bodily separation is merged into bliss of awareness.
This may be followed along with Outer Orbit or when the sense of duality is overcome to some extent through the flow established in Outer Orbit. This Orbit moves the energy through the central channel, that is the spine. Sensing the midpoint of your forehead, tip of nose, center of the heart and belly button may provide a bisecting line, along which the spine runs.

Inhale deep into and from the base of the spine, the perineum, and simultaneously feel/ sense/ know/ visualize/ imagine the energy of breath, pranic life force, spiral up the spine like a helical vortex. It is as if you are pulling charged awareness through the base and making it fountain up the length of the body.

During the exhale you may feel the energetic pressure built up around either the heart, throat or head. Let this pressure dissolve as you move awareness through it and allow the energy to exit and fountain out of the crown. For this to happen smoothly, you must completely let go the built up pressure during the exhale and merge within the flow of the energy as it blossoms like a lotus out through the crown. This can be felt or sensed as awareness radiating in all directions from the center of the skull.

As these two Orbits of energy expand and unfold, the distinction between the two will eventually dissolve. Inhalation and exhalation will merge becoming one circular breath and so will the inner and outer pathways of the energy. The flow through the spine, the radiation from the brain cavity, the explosion of awareness around the body and implosion of awareness inside the body, all will happen simultaneously. This is when one will begin to detach from sensory awareness and enter a non distinct void of samadhi.

The deeper you can let go and merge with the flow of the energy, the more intense the flow and radiance will become. Before the energy is clearly felt as a flow do not get discouraged, instead imagine/visualize/know that the energy is flowing up through the body. Intention and attention will direct the flow and it will grow in intensity. It may also be that there is never a sense or feeling at all, which indicates the flux of awareness is circulating unhindered without resistance. The energy is felt only where there are dense blocks, if there is nothing stopping the flow, one may not feel anything, just a sense shifting awareness through the body and spine.


This practice moves the Light of Awareness or Inonised Spinal fluids or Transmuted Sexual life force or Charged Pranic Breath (However one may perceive Kundalini in the body-mind complex) through the subtle chakra system, reorients the energetic flow to clear disturbances and Karmic blocks.

The above two techniques can help to balance a flow that has been out of its toroidal equilibrium, In advanced stages the flow becomes a self regulating pattern. The speed of the circulation is increased as there are lesser resistances and it becomes a continuous effortless meditation.