At first you may think of it this way, as did I. In the play of creation, it may seem to be so, but if you long for Supreme Absolute Truth, put this idea on pause. You are much more than a soul having a human experience, connected to Source. This concept implies there is a string of connective energy linking a separate you to an external source. But Source/Absolute Truth/Self/Awareness is beyond distance, so how could it be so?

There is but one substance, one field of creation, one ocean of Awareness, formless essence, and you are IT, not connected to IT. What you may think of as a separate soul is more like a manifestation of IT suspended in IT, as IT.

Source is all there is and you are nothing but Source, it is undivided wholeness, Awareness. You do not become closer to Source, or more of the Source, when you have achieved a certain level of embodiment of light, energy or Higher Self.

You are not separate from Source at all, not a separate soul among many. You are the Source manifest, yet your essential nature remains unmanifest and prior to even that.

“You are not just the drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in the drop.”


Art: Sacred Contract by Robby Donaghey

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