The solidity of the world, known as matter, seems totally indisputable as a fixed thing that you can see and touch. Your body also appears reassuringly solid. Although modern physics has assured us that this solidity is a mirage. There is much more to life than we can perceive with our five senses.When we look at ourselves and the things around us, they look solid as concrete. The reality, however, is that everything is made up of atoms which are 99.99% empty space or energy. We can even go deeper and look at the nucleus itself. It’s not solid, either. Each proton and neutron in the nucleus of an atom is in turn made up of smaller particles called “quarks,” which account for only two per-cent of the mass of a proton or neutron. The other 98% of their mass is due to the strong force–again just energy. Only one-billionth of each atom is physical matter. Nevertheless, our current medical model only addresses that one-billionth part of us.It would be like a political system that only addresses the needs of one per-cent of the population and ignores the needs of the other 99%.


In quantum field theory, space is not considered empty. It is a universal field or source of energy and information. What encodes information in the universal field is frequency–the oscillation of that field or a part of it at a particular rate in a period of time. What we perceive as matter is simply condensed vibration. If more than 99% of our bodies are informational fields of energy and information, doesn’t it make sense to affect changes in our bodies by affecting the frequencies in those informational fields?

“That which man calls matter, or substance, has no existence whatsoever. So-called matter is but waves of the motion of light, electrically divided into opposed pairs, then electrically conditioned and patterned into what we call various substances of matter. Briefly put, matter is but the motion of light, and motion is not substance. It only appears to be. Take motion away and there would not be even the appearance of substance.”
-Walter Russell

The science of Cymatics vividly demonstrates how inert substances can be “brought to life” when stimulated by audible sound frequencies. The source of all creation is oscillation and so the source of all matter is vibration.


We know from research that Every cell and Organ in your body, as well as other biological organisms, plants and microbes have their own unique resonant frequency. When a living tissue is not in its Optimal state, diseased or injured, it resonates at a vibration different from the normal condition.


Healing with frequencies includes two ways of their use to achieve the most needed result –Scanning the body with frequencies, which helps us detect anomalies in functions of various organs and other body parts. Frequency body scan will determine the current state of the organs, as well as possible presence of pathogenic microorganisms etc. we can determine how are person’s organs functioning – whether they operate on optimal energy levels, as well as the real causes if they don’t. We can also determine if there is overgrowth of bacteria, viruses or parasites and much more.The second part consists of targeted healing, again, with the help of frequencies, this time received through the device called Vortex Generator. With our healing modalities we reintroducing the proper frequency or a group of frequencies for the diseased tissue or organ. We create an environment of natural vibration around the living organism. The sympathetic resonance then brings the system back into coherence and harmony, returning it to its healthy state. With frequency therapy we can successfully destroy viruses, bacteria or parasites, and we can raise the frequency of an organ to its optimal vibrational rate.This application of resonance is more like re-tuning an orchestra that is out of tune by sounding a note for it.


Every structure naturally wants to return to a state of balance and equilibrium, this defines wellness of the system. It can rejuvenate health as well as amplify growth of a system. This is the basis of Electro therapy and Frequency Medicine. It has wide range of application from Medical to agricultural spheres.