We are currently in a transformational corridor of time. These memories that are resurfacing along with the circumstances all converging, bringing you to a breaking point (a break through). All is Divinely orchestrated and synchronized, even if doesn’t feel that way. Nothing happens without purpose 

You are aware, recognizing repeating patterns playing out. There is wisdom to be found in these circumstances, deep held lessons here for you to real-eyes and to see, to detach and dis-I-dentify with the story, to transmute and dissolve. Give thanks for these experiences, they are here to teach you, to help you grow and break through the patterns, upgrading your spirit.

All of the things that have happened are stories of the past, coming to surface to be healed.

The mind is looping in memories of the past. Just observe these thoughts. Be here now. Be present to the moment before you, your breath, bodily sensations, your emotions, the sounds, the sky, the people around you. Just allow/witness it all as it flows, coming and going as passing clouds, in neutrality and non-judgment of whatever surfaces…

The bodily sensations, shaking, panic attacks and heart palpitations are your body and chakras purging stored pain, nothing to fear, I have experienced similar sensations with such e-motions. It will pass.

Allow the tears to flow, they will cleanse and purify your spirit. This deep pain, this wound is the place the light enters. Surrender deeply to this process, allowing emotions (energy in motion) and body to move and to purge. It may take some time but things will become clear once again. In this, be the watcher of thoughts that surface, don’t attach to these stories, watch as every moment, every thought, every physical sensation is fleeting and comes to pass.

This is about you finding you dear and these situations have come for you to look deeper within, to realize your Divine essence, your own sovereignty, your own strength, your own light and divinity.

Sending you much love and strength, know that nothing stays the same, every moment is fresh and new. Find your center and be the witness.

-Alle Russo Devi