Comparing forced yogic practice and automatic spontaneous movement of energy (Kriyas)

“There is always a sense of I-ness present while worshipping, reading religious books, engaging in spiritual discourse, practicing meditation, Japa, Tapa (penance) or the Asanas (Yoga postures) and Pranayams (breathing exercises) of Hatha Yoga, but after the awakening of Kundalini through Shaktipat, Sadhana (spiritual practices) become automatic (Sadhan) and the sense of I-ness is replaced by a sense of perception and the actions are equally replaced by automatic movements.

The difference between performed actions and automatic movements is that with actions, one experiences them as the doer, the sense of being the performer of action, whereas with automatic movements, one experiences the sense of the seer, i.e. the movements take place automatically and without any conscious effort.

The aspirant has only to witness these events taking place within himself. These movements take place after the awakening of Kundalini in accordance with the accumulated seeds of past actions which are present in his Chitta (mind-stuff) and he experiences the movements of Kriyaman-Shakti, (automatic movement power – Kundalini) beyond the control of his own body and mind.

This sense of perception is never achieved simply by reading, religious discourse or the practice of Japa and Tapa. An aspirant may momentarily experience the sense of “I am the seer” at the emotional and intellectual level, but its permanence is possible only after Kundalini becomes awakened and he has had enough experiences.”

“This does not mean, however, that other efforts such as worship, devotion, practice of meditation, asana and pranayama and study of spiritual books have no bearing.

These are necessary and, in fact, required to be practiced so that our Chit-Shakti develops necessary receptivity for Shaktipat initiation. An aspirant should always have his goal in view while doing these practices.

In this manner he develops an intense desire for achieving the higher objective. The feeling of detachment towards the world also develops in time, which helps his Shakti become active and introspective soon after Shaktipat initiation.

Thus, the aspirant becomes fully equipped for receiving Shaktipat and Svayam-Siddha-Sadhan (a self-proven system of autonomous Yoga exercises). This, in itself, is an attainment.”

-Swami Shivom Tirth