If you are going through a full blown awakening you will know what it feels like to have too much Kundalini energy running through your body. It can overwhelm your nervous system, like an over flow of electricity, and can leave you feeling unbalanced and depleted, wired but tired. Feeling ungrounded can manifest in many ways, such as intense internal pressure or emotional and mental imbalance. You can be feeling anxious and irritable and almost feel like you are loosing your mind. You’ll experience several of these symptoms if the energy is in excess and ungrounded.

  • feeling of trapped energy in head, headache, pressure between the brows or at crown, high pitched ringing
  • weakened appetite and longer time required to digest (i.e. general cooling of the digestive fires)
  • “upward” spinal breathing/pranayama is much easier than “downward”
  • Pain in the jaw socket, sometimes radiating elsewhere in the head. This is from energy pooled in the jaw, unable to descend)
  • feeling spacey and confused
  • water retention
  • high blood pressure hard to explain by genetics, diet, and lifestyle
  • sleep apnea, insomnia
  • difficulty (or, at least, mild aversion) with forward-bending asanas (which you perhaps have always chalked up to tight hamstrings)
  • general kundalini overload symptoms (NOT symptoms of “wayward” kundalini, with
  • very asymmetrical energy movements.)

Grounding techniques

The first and best solution to front channel block and kundalini overload is the time-tested yogic solution: walking, standing barefoot in soil, being in nature, hugging trees.

Fix your attention onto the point of your heel between the balls of your big and little toes. Press that point firmly into the ground as you walk.

Another important element is engagement. Interacting with people is grounding.

Attention in meditation

If you find that you can’t resist focusing on ajna (between brows), then you may need to intervene (energy follows attention, and focusing on ajna, particularly during meditation, brings vastly more energy into the head, worsening symptoms when ungrounded).

So, for a while, gently direct attention to the navel or the heart (“inhabit” the navel or heart). Make it a gentle change, and be ready to let go of this entirely once the habit of focusing at ajna is broken. In the end, meditation works best if attention isn’t directed at all.

Dilate your throat to open the energy flow. Front channel block is usually concentrated in the throat. So even if you don’t perceive a block in the throat , it’s very likely that that’s where the problem is.

Consider how you dilate your ear canals on high altitude to equalize pressure. Apply that action to the front portion of the base of your throat, near the collar bone .

You should feel a flow of energy waves down the front of the chest and abdomen, down to the perineum. If it doesn’t make it to the perineum, move the dilation down to just beneath wherever you perceive the flow to stop.

Allow the energy to flow down from the crown to the base chakra and out into the core of the planet. Become a tree drinking the sunlight and spreading roots into the ground.


  • Feel the physical boundary of your throat or any other particular chakra region that you want to dilate. Occupy the space within this boundary that you sense with the inner awareness. As you spatially inhabit the region with focused attention, breath into it and relax the boundaries and the space enclosed within. After complete relaxation dissolve the boundary and expand the space.
  • If you do feel a downward energy wave after dilating the throat, know that there’s still more work to be done. Even a tiny opening in a bad block feels like total flow. More flow is almost certainly possible. This is true of many yoga openings. Even a bit of opening feels huge. This is the reason for self-pacing: if slight openings feel big, too much opening happening too fast can be overwhelming.
  • You may experience diarrhea and flu-like symptoms after a major release of blockage in the front channel. It’s cleansing/healing. You are flushing a lot of long-held junk (the worse the block, the more severe the flushing), and the result will be worth some temporary discomfort!

Let the healing process play out. Medication will drive the block deeper in.