To retreat is to immerse in your own true natural state. A non dual state of unconditioned awareness where recognition of self spontaneously blossoms without any effort. In the laser like presence of a Siddha, each individuals vibration field is enhanced and the transmission of this vibration becomes the catalyst for enabling & deepening the Immersion. This field of presence of the Guru is extended to all who gather in such a setting.

We devote this period to collectively gather in recognition of our Self as formless, eternal, non dual awareness. It is a commitment to the real Truth of our being, to reflect and integrate in the conducive loving presence of a teacher and others in the same process. These days are spent basking in the field of presence and flowering into full maturity as a being, as well as to challenge the various ways that we hold on and resist letting go into the truth of simply being as we are. We are challenged to re-evaluate our internal psycho-spiritual dynamics, to dissolve and reforge all fragmented aspects of our psyche, investigate into our long held beliefs and programmings which shape and shift relationship with ourselves and subsequently with the external world. To deeply inquire with courage and perseverance, the root of the illusion of separation.

What eventually emerges is a transformed and fully developed being, free from illusions, with a deeper recognition of the true Self.


In ancient cultures, those that chose a spiritual path often isolated themselves from society, they removed themselves from the typical mundane details of human life. By retreating from our mechanistic left brain logic dominated lives, our routines and schedules, we can awaken and harness the energy and clarity to live in a spontaneous way that does not involve incessant activity and noise of the mind draining our life force.

Thus it can said to be an act redirecting and introverting the outwardly focused consciousness back towards the inner domain. By reducing the usual stressors and stimulus from the mind, we can dislodge the psyche and its fluctuations, we can be truly present, dissolve wholeheartedly in the fullness of our felt sense of presence. This not only creates an opening in the retreat, but also help us sustain and integrate the realization thereafter.

The modern capitalistic focus is on attainment, ambition, possession, all build and maintain a false sense of individuality. This causes burnouts and depression eventually if not balanced with periods of reorientation , silence and self reflection. We need to retreat more than ever, not just a vacation to escape the practicalities, but a retreat with a dedicated intention to go deeper into the inner world, even if just for a few days a year.


One can deeply and sincerely commit to meet each moment as it is. The experiences may be subtle, intense, or profound, but transforming never the less. We may be challenged by undesirable unresolved emotions or issues may rise to the surface, but bliss of being and discovering your true essence are equally possible, and far more rewarding. All is held in the wisdom and compassion of the retreat environment and its participants.

This is a unique opportunity to end seeking, contact and immerse ourselves in the peace that lies beyond all understanding and establish ourselves in that.