There’s a lot of apparent ‘twin flame’ relationships emerging at the moment between individuals ‘on the spiritual path’.

Though on paper these dynamics may seem like a suitable match, most of them have arisen as a compensation for unintegrated elements of the psyche. This is what Jung referred to as the anima (the feminine unconscious in males) and the animus (the male unconscious in females). We draw partners to us that mirror the unconscious and this is what leads to lust and desire that we confuse for love and results in attachment.

Whilst the experience may be a valuable teacher, its easy to fall into a false sense of security and diverge from our individuality by getting too entangled with another, because we feel that we have a joint ‘soul mission’ that suddenly requires constant showcasing over social media and noticeable stark changes in character and beliefs, picked up from the other.

There are many reports of synchronistic encounters bringing people together, leading them to believe the union was fated, but synchronicities are not always positive and may be a symbolic reflection of both partners unconscious, pulling one another together to seek wholeness.

Many of these individuals have experienced past trauma and disappointments from previous relationships (sometimes quite severe), that have left this yearning for resolve, which seems easier to seek out in another partner, as oppose to turning back inwards and facing the pain alone first so that it can be integrated and embodied and therefore healed without a band aid.

All relationships reflect our current state of being and if we are being dishonest with ourselves about how developed and healed we are, we will continue to face the same lessons, cycling in and out of relationships, believing each successive one to be ‘the one’. This can cost us years. Being spiritually inclined doesn’t suddenly mean that we are role models for romantic relations, nor that we are truly ready to embark on the journey of a true soul co-creative relationship with another that comes at no cost to our individuality.

The twin-flame we are seeking exists within us. It is the union of our own masculine and feminine and once established, our relationship with others will thrive.