The helical path of Kundalini up the spine is opened, having undergone much clearance and unfolding of peripheral as well as the main etheric channels, Ida & Pingala. The synchronised animation of Ida & Pingala, infuses life in Sushumna, which then reaches its crescendo. This whole process takes place in a self sustained chain reaction over a period of time depending upon the disorientation of flow and accumulated toxins( Mental & Emotional Patterns, Karma).

Near the completion of its circuit, the kundalini field builds up a huge potential at the root for the final breakthrough and this can be felt as a warm electric current at the base of the spine. The Kriyas intensify and express their final purging as the energy prepares to shoot up the spine. The spinal path expands and elongates making way for the huge pulse of cerebro spinal fluid to course through, the entire column stretches and restructures itself.

The pulse then travels up circulating in every region and builds up another harmonic at the base of the skull, where pressure may be felt. This wave diffuses inside the head and self illuminates as consciousness, and the non dual nature shines through. The consciousness then implodes on itself and inverts within, losing focus of the external sensory reality and moves towards the top of the head to merge with the crown pole. Many geometric vision mandalas and Aum sounds are experienced initially when this transition takes place, eventually it becomes a smoother blending within non-dual awareness. Some visionary phenomenon of expanded 360degree view, out of body/above body sensation happen due to opening of visual cortex, lotus blooming above crown and a fountainhead may also be experienced.

This completes one half of the Bi-Toroidal field and enables the super charged pulse of cerebro spinal fluids (ojas) to reach the crown pole of your bodily circuitry. The fluids, often called Amrita from here on (Nectar of the Gods), drip down the crown like a shower. This rebound wave of subtle energy breaks up muscle armoring, releases nerve and lymphatic tension, induces Ecstasy, Orgasmic feelings in the upper part of the body and head, Exalted rapture, Fully integrated physical, erotic, volitional, emotional, expressive, inspirational, conscious human/divine bliss, non dual awareness of the immortality of one’s being as the body trembles in joy.
The awareness descends down to the heart expanding it to encompass the entire cosmos, and the non dual experience is established and integrated. This becomes the only reality.